Lets customers bask in the amazing pairing of femininity and traditional wrestling.

While dressing up as the opposite sex remains uncommon in Japan, the country is still leaps and bounds ahead of others. After all, you can find all sorts of sexy lingerie tailored for men online. But what happens when you combine sumo, one of the most disciplined sports in the world, with crossdressing?

Japanese Twitter user @chonggyun is an avid sumo fan who loves to travel around watching sumo tournaments. Imagine his surprise when he walked into a random ramen store to find a calendar featuring hulking wrestlers dolled up as women.

▼ @chonggyun sought help in identifying all the beautiful men.


Japanese netizens were quick to provide names to the faces. From left to right:

Top: Takanohana Koji, Yamahibiki, Otake
Middle: Tamanoi, Minato, Kabutoyama, Chiganoura
Bottom: Tatsutagawa, Tatsunami, Shikoroyama, Tokitsukaze

▼ One particularly helpful user compiled images of the sumo wrestlers
as their usual selves. They don’t look bad as guys either!


Online reaction was overwhelmingly positive:

“I want all sumo wrestlers to do this!”
“This is bad, they’re all prettier than me!”
“Shirokoyama is gorgeous….”
“Kabutoyama is so beautiful. I want this calendar so much.”
“That’s a rather precious item.”

And it is precious indeed, because the calendar is a souvenir from the first end-of-year party of the Takanohana family, one of the most accomplished sumo clans in Japanese history. Getting a keepsake like that is the equivalent of receiving an autographed basketball from an invitation-only Chicago Bulls social gathering.

One can only speculate that an attendee to the sumo wrestlers’ private party must have frequented the ramen store, leaving the rare memento as a gift. The shop owner ought to cherish it more though, as the traditional sport may one day be taken over by high-speed sumo robots.

Source: Twitter/@chonggyun via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@chonggyun