high heels

Bloody, ridiculous high-heel requirement for Japanese women at work sparks online movement

Women in Japan are often required to wear heels for job hunting and office work, but the #KuToo movement wants to squash that part of the dress code.

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Our male reporter cross-dresses for second time, learns more about how hard it is to be a woman

They always say that you should try to walk in someone else’s shoes if you really want to understand them.

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Earthquake-resistant pads double as a lifehack to remove all pain from wearing high heels

High heels killing your feet? Perhaps some seismic shock absorbers designed for natural disasters might be the solution.

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Japanese Twitter can’t figure out how to wear these shoes, comes up with hilarious ideas

Apparently the line between fashion and torture device can be quite funny.

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Hotel in Japan has discounts for female bar customers who wear high heels, the higher the better

A pair of stilettos could slash your tab by up to 40 percent.

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An end to high heel pain? Japanese designer offers revolutionary and stylish footwear redesign

I’ve always been a little confused by high heels. It’s partially because I’m not so tall myself and don’t really have much of a height advantage to spare (even if my date is wearing flats), and partially because if I’m looking at a woman there are probably enough other things that are going to attract my gaze that she’s likely to ask me to stop staring at her long before I get to her shoes, no matter how nice they may look.

High heels seem like an even odder choice in Japan, where the reliance on public transportation means walking around for long stretches of time in shoes where comfort and mobility seem to have been afterthoughts in the design process. Still, many women in Japan step out in high heels as part of their plan to present a femininely fashionable or snappy professional image. Now, one Japanese designer is trying to help those women not only look good, but help their feet feel good as well with a revolutionary ergonomic redesign of high heels.

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