Apparently the line between fashion and torture device can be quite funny.

Most of the time, fashion innovations make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. But it seems that’s not a hard and fast rule as this high-heeled monstrosity tweeted by @Tkfhk_ma_ has recently blown up Japanese Twitter with over 140,000 retweets:

“I wanted shoes and looked around, but I have no idea how to wear these,
so I drew the possible ways to wear them. Now I understand even less.”

What. The. Heel?

▼ Are these shoes intended for use in sideways houses?

Or for people looking to strengthen their leg muscles
by walking around like a two-legged spider all day?

Japanese netizens were just as confused as we were:

“I don’t think anyone could realistically take more than two steps in those.”
“Those look like they’d break some bones. Or at least toenails.”
“Maybe if you snapped off the heels they’d be wearable?”

Others struggled to come up with ways of conceivably wearing them, complete with more incredibly realistic drawings:

Maybe you’re meant to rotate the shoes and
use the heel like a bouncy springboard as you walk?

Or maybe you’re supposed to ignore the vertical part
of the shoe and stuff your tiny feet into the front part only?

Or perhaps they’re meant for
balancing between a wall and floor?

Oh! Maybe they’re running shoes!

Or are they meant for doing sexy squats?

Either way, apparently they’ve somehow
got great reviews on their website….

Seems like the jury’s still out on whether or not these things are wearable, but the good news is that if you do find a way to strap your feet into them, you’ll be guaranteed the lowest price at the hotel that discounts by how high your heels are.

Source: Twitter/@Tkfhk_ma_
Images: Twitter/@Tkfhk_ma_ (edited by SoraNews24)