We try the new frozen hot biscuits from 7-Eleven and end up seriously impressed.

Who doesn’t love hot biscuits with a generous serving of sweet, gooey syrup? As it turns out, hot biscuits aren’t exactly standard fare here in Japan, at least not like pancakes or French toast.

But thanks in part to a tweet by user @petra_159, the frozen hot biscuits from 7-Eleven Japan have recently been attracting a bit of attention on the Japanese Internet.

@petra_159 obviously found the biscuits to his liking, commenting that they were moist and chewy yet fluffy and dangerously delicious, especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Well, that was certainly enough to capture our fancy! We hurried to a 7-Eleven and bought a package to try the biscuits ourselves.

The “Seven Premium” hot biscuits came out in July this year and are available at 300 yen (US$2.70) for a package of two — maybe not a real bargain, but not expensive either. We also thought it was nice that the biscuits came with pre-packaged portions of syrup, which we were expecting to add plenty of sweet yumminess.

We opened the package, and yup, the biscuits looked like… well, biscuits, but we were going to wait until tasting them before forming an opinion. We heated them up in the microwave, and after a short while we could smell the scent of butter wafting from the biscuits. We have to say, it smelled delectable!

Once they were done we cut into the biscuits, wondering how soft or flaky they would be. We found that they were softer than expected, almost the consistency of pancakes, although that may have been partly because we used a microwave to heat it.

And of course we had to use the syrup that came with the package! As we poured the thick syrup onto the biscuits, its sweet smell mixed with the rich aroma of the butter, and by that point we were convinced that we were in for a tasty treat.

And now, for the actual tasting! We took a bite along with plenty of syrup, and the chewy and soft texture of the biscuit filled our mouth. It wasn’t flaky, like you would expect from a typical biscuit, but rather fluffy, yet with more substance than pancake. We thought it might even be filling enough to be a meal.

Hmm… a food that’s soft, chewy, and filling with a rich buttery smell that goes well with syrup? Well, our first thought was that these could possibly replace pancakes altogether in Japan.

But then, we didn’t want to say good-bye to pancakes quite yet, so we happily left that dreadful thought in the realm of imagination. Oh, and we should add that the biscuits did become slightly flaky in consistency after they cooled down.

In the end, while delicious, we wouldn’t say the biscuits were absolutely perfect. For example, they may have been even better if the syrup had soaked even deeper into the actual biscuit.

But overall, we were more than happy with them as a casual dessert that can be purchased at a convenience store. If you find them at a 7-Eleven in Japan, they may well be worth a try! It’s a great 7-Eleven dessert to go with your 7-Eleven traditional Japanese breakfast.

References: Seven-Eleven Japan, Twitter/ @petra_159
Photos ©SoraNews24
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