Lotte’s new advertising campaign for its range of gum products takes inspiration from ikemen “cool guys” often featured in anime and otome dating sim games. The company has released their new “Gum Boyfriend” advert debuting five guys, each with their own different personalities and quirks corresponding to one of Lotte’s brands of refreshing gum. But which chewy bad boy is your favorite?

The commercial plays out like an otome game, but with a twist. Instead of the player character being a typical high school girl, she’s, well, a tooth. And lucky her, because she has five super-cute guys just dying for her to chomp down on them.

The main star of the commercial is cool guy Acuo Seiryo, whose look is based off the Acuo gum.

▼ Hey baby, how’s my breath? Minty-fresh, I think you’ll find.

▼ Oh Akuo-kun, you naughty boy!

And here’s the rest of the hotties, who are based on Lotte gum varieties Xylitol, Green Gum, Acuo, Fits, and Black Black, respectively. All of the boys have their own unique personalities, with their own specific likes and dislikes and, amazingly, their own professional voice actors!

You can watch the commercial below:

So what do you think, ladies? Have these animated hotties convinced you to snap up packets of Lotte gum, or is this marketing scheme just a little too gum-believable (sorry) to be true?

Source: NetoLabo
Images: screenshots via YouTube