Can these hawt anime boys lull you to sleep, or will they keep you up all night?

For those nights when you can’t sleep, the ever-churning otome goods machine has just the thing to help. Let beautiful boys charm you to sleep in this new series from Rejet, the company behind such famous franchises as DIABOLIK LOVERS and VitaminX.

Drama CDs of all kinds are popular in Japan and most otome (a term used to denote anime-style products, often games, aimed at women) franchises in Japan will have a plethora of tie-in CDs with the seiyuu (voice actors) for the characters interacting with each other or speaking directly to the listener. However, this new drama CD series, called YotoHolic, isn’t based on any existing game or anime, and has a very specific theme.

The setting is that you encounter six handsome young men whose role is to lead you to dreamland. They are the 107th generation of the Yotogi family, who each inherit the title of a stage of the moon at night. You will experience a tale of you and him, with the main man speaking directly to you (and every other woman who listens), as he works his magic to give you the sweetest dreams and “teach you about the night”. Ooh-er.

▼ Merry from Makura no Danshi. You definitely wouldn’t catch me closing my eyes anywhere around him.


Perhaps a lot of women are having restless nights, as there was also a recent short form anime called Makura no Danshi, or Pillow Boys, which was based around bedtime and presented from the viewer’s point of view. Each episode featured a different man to cater to various specific tastes who would talk to you for a few minutes before settling down to sleep. Unfortunately, they turned out to be the stuff of nightmares with creepy expressions (see the above image) and vaguely, or sometimes overtly, creepy intentions. YotoHolic’s character designs are certainly a lot more attractive, but we’ll have to wait until the first CD is released to see if the creep factor is manageable.

The first character to go on sale on April 27 is Mikaduki, the host-style character, with the remaining six characters to follow one per month after that in the following schedule:

April 27, Mikaduki (Three-day Crescent Moon)


May 25, Akatsuki (Dawn)


June 22, Izayoi (Sixteen-day-old Moon)



July 27, Arata (New Moon)


August 24, Mitsuru (Full Moon)


September 28, Yumihari (Crescent Moon)


Each CD will cost 2,000 yen (US$18) excluding tax. You can check out the website for voice samples and ordering info (Japanese only, sorry).

Source: YotoHolic Official Website
Images: YotoHolic Official Website