Since Shinzo Abe’s election win late last year, a faint hope for some kind of action in the long stagnant government of Japan was kindled. “Perhaps the return of his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to power could finally get some gears turning again in the nation?” people thought.

So far the fruit of LDP leadership has been a novel way to filibuster by frequently going potty – which I guess makes it a fig.

According remarks by the opposing Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) at a Budget Committee session on 27 February, Prime Minister Abe has been holding everything up by repeatedly excusing himself to use the toilet.

Whenever the Prime Minister separates himself from his cabinet seat, protocol dictates that proceedings come to a screeching halt.

In response to the DPJ’s accusations, other party members stood in support of the PM’s movements saying that “going to the toilet is a natural thing.”

Ultimately, Committee Chairman Ishii who is also a Democrat, rejected his own party’s suggestion.

At this particular committee, the prime minister appeared to be in full control of his bowels, but according to DPJ comments he had previously excused himself to powder his nose on several occasions when questions were directed at him personally.

Also during the committee a complex yet promising scheme to resurrect the Japanese economy was laid out. It entails… oh…

Excuse me, the nikuman I had for lunch is disagreeing with me…

Source: Yomiuri (Japanese)