If you think this Valentine’s offering looks like an ordinary dessert, wait until you see what it’s made of!

Popular sushi chain Kura Sushi have never been shy to come up with unconventional menu items, from desserts and drinks to unique seasonal creations.

This Valentine’s season they’re once again surprising us with a unique offering that you wouldn’t expect from a sushi restaurant. It’s a mash-up of sushi and chocolate dessert which they’re calling the Tiramisushi!

▼ On the surface, they look like any regular chocolate treat, don’t they?

Don’t let the Tiramisushi’s appearance fool you. It’s actually chocolate pudding rolled inside a layer of nori seaweed and sushi rice covered with cocoa powder, all topped with a smooth dollop of whipped mascarpone cheese.

The whipped mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder are designed to give the dessert a distinctly Tiramisu flavor. And according to Kura Sushi’s press release, the rich sweetness of the chocolate pudding should combine extremely well with the sour-yet-refreshing flavor of the vinegared rice, making it a dessert that only Kura Sushi can offer. They’ve also mentioned that the Tiramisushi should complement the chain’s “Premium Coffee” perfectly.

The Tiramisushi is a limited item that will be available from February 9 to 15 at Kura Sushi locations across Japan for an affordable 100 yen (US$0.92).

If you’re in Japan this Valentine’s season and feeling adventurous enough to take on a chocolate sushi dessert, why not give it a try? It should make for a fun sushi experience, even for those not too keen on raw fish!

Or, if you’re just looking for a new way to enjoy sushi in the winter, how about some nice warm sushi soup?

Source, images: The Mainichi Newspapers press release