Free hugs? This woman offers free breasts to men, women and foreign tourists in Tokyo.

Over the years, people around the world have been offering free hugs to strangers on the street in an attempt to bring a bit of sunshine and warmth into people’s lives. In Tokyo though, a young YouTuber decided to turn this concept on its head, instead handing out “free breasts” to passersby.

The unusual campaign was held outside Shibuya Station on the night of 23 November, as a young woman held up a sign that read “Free Oppai” (“Free Breasts“), while calling out the offer to everyone around her. It wasn’t long before men, women and foreign tourists began crowding around the woman, ready to fondle her breasts in a number of different ways.

The young YouTuber was accompanied by a male colleague, who’s been seen with her before in a previous video, along with another woman and a couple of younger men, who were keeping an eye on the proceedings, which were captured in the video below.

In the clip, a total of 60 people were seen fondling the woman’s bosom. Some were polite and respectful while others took full advantage of the situation, even going so far as to bury their heads into her chest.

Throughout the whole clip, the young woman appears to be happy with all the attention, giggling and smiling for the camera and the people who approach her.

▼ She even bows and says thank you to a number of people who touch her breasts.

▼ At one point she says, “The world will be at peace. Breasts will save the world.”

Some people who took advantage of the offer had no qualms about posting a clip of themselves taking part.

The YouTuber at the centre of the clip is a woman who goes by the name Pepsi Lu. While we may never know the entire story behind the reasons why this woman was offering her breasts up to passersby, perhaps next time she’ll try something less controversial in her efforts towards world peace.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Featured image: YouTube/チンフェ