Join us as we take an exciting tour of Tokyo’s second Comic-Con event.

Our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun managed to snap himself a nice collection of photos at last year’s inaugural Tokyo Comic-Con, and seeing that it’s that time of year again, he took it upon himself to make that pilgrimage once more.

Held from 1 December until 3 December, this year’s Tokyo Comic-Con also boasts special appearances such as legendary comic book writer Stan Lee. Given its lineup of stars and events, P.K. was a little disappointed to find the venue wasn’t filled to capacity with visitors, but was glad that he could at least move around easily.

▼ It wouldn’t be Comic-Con without the classic Alien statue.

Our trusty reporter decided to head over to the DC Cafe first as he felt a little peckish; you can’t expect a man to run around an adrenaline-filled event like this on an empty stomach after all.

▼ P.K. felt like he could summon his inner hero after wolfing
down a Superman Gratin Croquette Burger.

Feeling not a tinge of guilt that the rest of the SoraNews24 staff were slaving away in the office, he then set out with camera in hand to snap some pictures.

▼ For a moment, P.K. thought he’d met the real Superwoman.

▼ What’s better than Superwoman? Three of them of course!

▼ Last year’s Catwoman foursome were back.

▼ The anime-remake of Ultraman proved to be popular…

▼ …as was Wolverine from the X-Men franchise.

▼ Female Captain America traded the
trusty shield for an equally trusty pamphlet.

▼ The girls from the Drobo booth showed off their funky costumes.

▼ Transforming robot toyline Diaclone also showcased their goods.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets was heavily promoted…

▼ …and P.K. spotted staff dressed up like a Pearl
featured in the science fiction film.

▼ This mighty impressive Hercules also attracted a sizable crowd.

P.K. thoroughly enjoyed browsing each booth’s offerings and snapping away with his camera, but eventually the time came for him to head back to the office. Next year couldn’t come soon enough, and our reporter hoped Comic-Con garnered enough support to continue in Japan for many years to come.

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