Followers older than 18 years of age can potentially date her.

The “Kano Sisters” are a celebrity duo well-known for their busty assets and flamboyant lifestyles. Mika Kano — the younger sister — often posts scantily-clad cosplays on Instagram, and the last time she dressed up as a sexy character, the Japanese Internet suffered a massive nosebleed.

Mika has now turned heads once again with a recent blog post stating her intent to find a partner, sending her legion of loyal followers into a frenzy.

▼ This woman isn’t shy when it comes to showing off.

As with many things in Japan, it’s a time-limited campaign:

“By the way, I’m looking for friends who can potentially become my lover. I’ll talk more about it on Instagram, but basically it’s for a limited time only. Girls are just as welcome to be my friends. Just to be sure, this only applies to people older than 18 years of age. If you’re interested, let’s discuss the details there.”

Mika’s quest has been an ongoing endeavor since February this year, when she posted a video of herself taking a bubble bath.

“The bath time of a busty angel is sweet and heavenly.
I’m looking for friends older than 18 years old to become my partner.”

Prospective suitors can take a gander at Mika’s spicy pictures on the siblings’ Instagram account, where she shows off her curvaceousness to followers.

▼ That’s the softest bathrobe we’ve ever seen.

▼ Why settle for more when you can have less to wear?

Netizens were eager to offer their love to her:

“I’ve seriously fallen in love with you. Please go out with me.”
“Please become my girlfriend.”
“I want to hug you right now.”
“Let’s be friends! Let’s head to the bar! Let’s go karaoke!”
“I’m a university student with a future. Let’s be together.”

Her call for suitors seems more like a publicity stunt than a heartfelt plea, but it seems that her followers relish the opportunity of being able to date the curvy celebrity, and perhaps see her equally busty sister Kyoko in the flesh.

Source: LINE Blog/Kano Sisters via Otakomu
Featured image: Instagram/kano_sisters007