This all-you-can-eat deal is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s been 50 years since U.S. pizza chain Shakey’s arrived in Japan, and to celebrate, they’re putting on a fair dubbed the “American Pizza Tour“.

Our reporter P.K. Sanjun was able to get a taste of the tour as part of a press event ahead of the official launch, and when he came back to the office he had to lie on the floor because he’d eaten so much.

So let’s take a look at what he ate, starting with…the pizzas.

There are eight different types of pizza included in this all-you-can-eat tour, all designed to capture the taste of America’s most popular pizzas.

P.K. immediately wanted to scoff a slice of each pizza as soon as he saw them, but first, he had to watch a demo of how the pizzas are actually handmade in store.

Watching the pizzas being made was enough to make P.K’s stomach rumble. It was 9:15 a.m. and he’d skipped breakfast to ensure he could fill up on pizza so he was extra hungry.

After dutifully snapping some photos, P.K. was finally allowed to commence the tasting, and he went all out, grabbing everything he could.

Gathering his collection together, P.K. glanced around at the tables of other reporters around him and saw that nobody had as much food in front of them as he did.

Most reporters were showing polite restraint by elegantly nibbling on one or two slices, but as we all know, P.K. isn’t that type of reporter. He knows exactly what our readers are interested in — food, and lots of it — so he felt it was his duty to taste as much as he could with carefree abandon.

So he chomped his way through eight slices of pizza, including flavours such as Garden Veggie, Salmon Cream Cheese, and Seafood American Tomato Pie.

▼ He then slurped up two types of pasta…

▼ …crunched through a bowl of salad…

▼ …downed a bowl of rice and Japanese curry…

▼ …tasted the mac and cheese, taco meat and scrambled egg meat spaghetti…

▼…and gorged himself on fried potatoes.

Everything he ate was sinfully delicious, and he’s proud to say he finished everything on his table. It was an all-you-can-eat extravaganza that P.K. highly recommends trying, although, at 45 years of age, P.K.’s appetite isn’t what it once was, so keep in mind that depending on how much you eat, this could be you afterwards.

After collapsing on the floor in a carb-induced energy crash upon his return to the office, P.K. looked totally ruined after his gluttonous meal at Shakey’s.

When he eventually snapped out of it, though, he opened his eyes and said one thing to us all:

Shakey’s is always the best.

So there you have it — the American Pizza Tour is so good it’ll entice you to eat way more than you should, but even if it leaves you in a post-meal stupor, you’ll soon be craving it again.

Thankfully — or unthankfully, depending on how you look at it — the Shakey’s American Pizza Tour will be around for a while so pizza hounds like P.K. have plenty of time to enjoy the campaign.

The pizzas will be available for six months of the chain’s 50th anniversary year, first from 1 June to 31 August and then again from 1 September to 30 November.

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