Superheroes rub shoulders with air hostesses and futuristic Japanese idols at Tokyo’s inaugural Comic-Con event.

One of the perks of being a Japanese-language reporter with RocketNews24 is having to cover events around town like the long-awaited Tokyo Comic-Con, currently being held at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe convention centre from 2-4 December. Our writer P.K. Sanjun attended the opening day of the convention to check out some of the events and stalls on offer, but for this story it was all about the booth babes and cosplayers at the event. Come with us as we take a look at the weird and wonderful, but always mesmerising, costumed attendees at this year’s first-ever Tokyo Comic-Con.


Given that the convention hails from the United States, P.K. was expecting to run into a lot of American-inspired characters at the event. Almost immediately his eye was drawn to one of the largest booths in the hall, run by Warner Bros., the movie company responsible for bringing iconic DC characters like Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn to movie screens around the globe.


Alongside the famous characters were girls handing out Justice League bags and promotional materials while dressed in denim shorts and T-shirts.



And in front of the Prime 1 Studio booth there were some impressive figures on display.


Just around the corner, Hot Toys was also there at the event, showing off their range of impressive collectibles with a few caped crusaders on hand to welcome fans.


P.K. was incredibly impressed with the costumes on display at the drobo booth. According to the person in charge there, the drobo team was worried that their display looked quite plain, so they decided to amp it up with the costumes to attract extra attention.


And attract attention they did, with a large group of photographers crowded around the display causing congestion as they snapped away, capturing the girls in a number of different poses.


Moving on, P.K. was surprised to bump into a booth dedicated to a more familiar home-grown character: Mr. Osomatsu, known in Japan as Osomatsu-san. These girls wore little more than hoodies and smiles to promote the Osomatsu-san smartphone games being created by game equipment company Daiichi.


Another surprising discovery was the Air Asia booth, filled with uniformed cabin attendants keen to draw attention to their exciting travel destinations.


Cool Props kept things classy with girls in long black-and-white dresses, in an effort to keep the focus on their impressive life-sized Predator bust prop replica.


Black Widow from The Avengers was seen making friends with Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Groot and Rocket ahead of their new Avengers: Infinity War movie, due out in 2018.


One of P.K.’s favourite finds was the Catwoman foursome at the “dTV” booth.


There were two men dressed up as Batman here, but they blended into the background as these girls took the limelight with their shiny, skintight costumes.


As P.K. was leaving the convention, he came across a futuristic-looking idol group with cute robotic faces.


And finally, he couldn’t help laughing when this sexy character stepped into view. “Udon No” (literally “Udon Brain”) is the character mascot for Kagawa Prefecture, known for having a head filled with udon noodles instead of a brain. This beauty was promoting local food from Kagawa, including its famous udon noodles.


After a long day at the convention, P.K. headed home. He added his good-looking images to all the others collected at the Wonder Festival, Comiket, and the Tokyo Game Show, and decided to add Tokyo Comic-Con to his ever-growing list of cosplaying events to attend next year!

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