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The Japanese cosplayers and booth ladies from the Anime Japan 2019 convention in Tokyo 【Photos】

Anime-related companies/organizations across Japan and the world running their exhibitions, showing off displays, organizing sales, stages shows, and other events.

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We visited Tokyo Comic-Con 2017 to get our fill of superheroes and cool cosplays

Join us as we take an exciting tour of Tokyo’s second Comic-Con event.

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You don’t have to have an interest in cars or gadgets to want what this girl’s selling.

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Beautiful Japanese booth babe uses her fingers to create the Suzuki “S” sign on her chest 【Video】

A sure-fire way to stop traffic, no matter what car you’re driving.

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The lovely booth ladies of Tokyo Game Show 2017

Dozens of beautiful women give Mr. Sato an unforgettable day in the real world.

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Tired of booth babes, developer says the Tokyo Game Show has become the Hostess Club Game Show

Have organizers crossed the line where they expect more people will buy tickets to look at beautiful women than try cool games?

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Booth babes of all flavours at Tokyo Game Show 2015 【Photos】

Tokyo Game Show 2015 opened to the press today, and we were on hand to get a look at all the most unusual games and gadgets that we know our readers are dying to see. But in addition to all that, what visit to the Tokyo Game Show would be complete without a ton of booth babe pics?!

TGS didn’t disappoint this year, with plenty of girls (and guys!) around to hand out free goodies and pose for pictures. Join us after the jump for all of the tenuously gaming-related eye candy.

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Unemployed Shanghai “booth babes” protest for their right to be sexy with cars

Promotional models or “booth babes” are a controversial part of convention culture. Many see them as a gimmick at best, and at worst dehumanizing women by turning them into part of the product being sold. In China, the government considers them so “vulgar” that recently laws have been passed banning “booth babes” at events.

The first victim of the new law is the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show. Instead of dozens of beautiful women adorning cars, now there are none. But that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared; instead the now-unemployed models are taking to the Shanghai streets, protesting for their right to be sexy and get paid for it.

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Pirates, pink hair and temporary tattoos: The girls of Tokyo Game Show  2014【Photos】

Booth babes, show attendants, scantily clad PR persons; call them what you will, these girls are a big part of Tokyo Game Show, and they’re not going anywhere. They man woman the booths handing out flyers, goodies and company-approved advice and info, always dressed in a way that catches the eye, and it’s hard to imagine the event without them.

Those of you who are unable to attend TGS in person, or who are new to the concept of “booth babes” may perhaps be wondering what all the fuss is about. So for you, and for those of you who pretend to disapprove of such saucy shenanigans but secretly want to look anyway, we’d like to present our collection of photos of the girls of Tokyo Game Show 2014. You’re welcome.

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Booth babes, swag, and cosplay: E3 is a sexy, crazy place【RN24@E3】

As is expected at any gaming expo, there were plenty of booth babes, swag and cosplay to be found. However, unlike events such as Tokyo Game Show, all three were kept to a minimum.

But fear not, RocketNews Nation, we searched high and low to bring you photos of sexy ladies, freebies, and costumed strangers from E3…just because you asked so nicely.

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Taiwan’s annual IT show lasts a whole month! Booth babes galore! 【Photos】

It’s IT Month in Taiwan right now, and the annual IT trade show just made its stop at the Taipei World Trade Center this week, boasting 350 exhibitors rolling out 1,765 booths showing off the shiniest tech-gadgets in town.

Sure, it’s nice to be in touch with the latest technology trends and stuff, but it’s even better when cute peachy girls are involved in the process, ain’t it! Who’s with me?

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It’s at this time of the year that China’s biggest video game expo, China Joy, throws its doors open to the gaming public. And as with events like Tokyo Game Show here in Japan, what many visitors will undoubtedly be drawn in by are the absolutely gorgeous booth babes (or “booth companions” as those in PR would prefer us to say) who line the arena’s stands in their dozens.

Japan’s Xinhua News reports, however, that despite being something of a main attraction for many visitors, a number of these same young women earn a considerable amount of money in between trade shows by working as mistresses on the side.

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