The nationwide survey yielded some interesting results.

Japanese masturbatory goods maker Tenga is always on the lookout for ways to get their brand noticed, offering promotions that include free delivery of products by swimsuit models and an amazing new range of tea whisk vibrators inspired by traditional tea ceremonies.

To stay on top of their game, Tenga is continually conducting research into the world of self-pleasure, and now they’ve just released the results of their latest investigation, the National Male Masturbation Survey 2017. Approximately 5,279 men from the ages of 15 to 64 around the country were surveyed to find out details like when, where and how often they indulge in onanism. Let’s get right to it and take a look at the findings below!

Prefectural Ranking

The biggest fans of self-stimulation hail from Kanagawa Prefecture, where men are said to pleasure themselves 3.77 times a week on average. This is closely followed by Hyogo Prefecture (3.65 times a week) and Shizuoka Prefecture (3.45 times a week), with Nagasaki (3.39) and Tottori (3.37) coming in at fourth and fifth place respectively. With the nationwide average being 2.94 times a week, the prefectures with the lowest incidences of weekly masturbation include Okayama (2.43), Oita (2.36), Yamaguchi (2.32), and Yamagata (2.10), with Tokushima (1.95) coming in at last place on the list.


When it comes to preferred positions for self-pleasure, the top response was “sitting in a chair“, which scored 33.6 percent of the total votes. In second place was “lying face upwards” (27.9 percent), followed by “lying on the side” (12.1 percent), “sitting cross-legged” (11.5 percent) and “lying face-down” (4.4 percent). Among some of the more unusual positions were “standing” (4.3 percent) and “kneeling” (2.6 percent).

Viewing Pleasure

Given that a large majority of men masturbate while seated, it’s not surprising that viewing habits are taken into account here, with 79.5 percent of respondents indicating that “free live-action adult movies” are the most popular choice for getting in the mood. In second place was “live-action adult movies with a surcharge” (17.7 percent), followed by “only using fantasies” (13.1 percent), “adult manga” (9.9 percent), “free adult anime” (8.4 percent), “gravure idol photos/movies” (7 percent), and “adult magazines” (6 percent).


The most popular masturbation method was “by rubbing the penis up and down by hand like a piston“, which received an overwhelming 95.4 percent of votes. In second place was “stopping just before ejaculation” (10.5 percent), followed by “pinning the legs together“(8.6 percent), “using lotion” (6.4 percent) and “rubbing it on things like the futon, tatami and floor” (6.35 percent). More than half of the respondents thought that “pinning the legs together” and “rubbing it on things like the futon, tatami and floor” were normal methods of masturbation, but Tenga advises that this can be dangerous and lead to troubles with intra-vaginal ejaculation.


According to the survey, more than 70 percent of men said that they don’t have anyone they can discuss masturbation frankly with, which means they may find themselves wondering what appropriate and inappropriate methods of masturbation may be. 19.8 percent of respondents said they would discuss masturbation with friends, 8.8 percent with lovers, 3.8 percent with classmates or colleagues of the same age, and 3.6 percent with a friend of the opposite sex.

The National Male Masturbation Survey 2017 was designed to investigate the realities of men’s masturbation habits around the country, and it certainly delivers, with a number of frank admissions on the report. With current concerns about declining birth rates and increasing numbers of people choosing to marry anime characters, Tenga aims to use this information to help paint a broader picture about the sexual activities that go on behind closed doors around the nation.

Source: Tenga via Net Lab
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