While the traditional kagami-mochi display is made of pounded rice, this one is made entirely of fluff.

The restful, year-end holiday in Japan has ended, and work and school are back in full swing. But that doesn’t mean we’ve already forgotten those lazy days of last week, spent eating delicious osechi-inspired cakes and praying for good luck in the coming year at our local shrine or temple. And while our kagami-mochi displays have already been consumed, we have found one that can be enjoyed year-round.

Meet Kagami-mochi cat:

At the video’s start, all we can see is a large, white mound in a plastic basket, not at all unlike the stacks of pounded mochi rice cakes traditionally displayed in Japanese homes around the new year. However, instead of special rice, this unusually fluffy mochi-mound is actually made of cat – one who goes by the name of Mimi. The Mimi-mochi is soon topped with a small mikan, completing the well-known look.

▼ A kagami-mochi display of the non-cat variety

Image: Pakutaso

There is no visible movement from Mimi, almost as if she has been completely absorbed in her role as New Year’s decoration. A sibling then comes over to investigate the unusually large kagami-mochi sitting upon the table. It isn’t until said sibling makes a racket after going off-screen that Mimi is startled back into her true fluffy form.

It would be nice if next year all kagami-mochi could instead be kitty-mochi, but as we’ve seen before, not all cats take as well to the role as Mimi.

Source: YouTube/かご猫 Blog via Neko No Kimochi
Featured image: YouTube/かご猫 Blog