Do you have the guts to try these fermented squid gut-flavored potato chips?

Yamayoshi, the same maker that brought us the same wasabi beef-flavor chips we firmly believe the rest of the world is missing out on, has decided to re-release its caviar-flavored chips from last year, along with another flavor only available for a limited time only: ika shiokara, or fermented squid viscera.

Contrary to, or perhaps in light of, criticism from talento and commenter Matsuko Deluxe, the brand’s caviar chips became a big hit, and now those who have been craving a bag or missed out the first time around can grab a bag at any Lawson convenience store from May 10. The same goes for the new fermented squid viscera flavor, which our RocketNews24 Japan staff decided to taste test just before its release date.

Hey, after all if the caviar potato chips tasted all right despite the fishy odor, surely fermented squid guts could be just as promising, right?


Having eaten what many consider the world’s stinkiest food, surströmming (Swedish fermented herring), twice in the past, Mr. Sato wasn’t afraid to go first. Sure the bag of chips reeked, but it was nowhere near as rank as the herring.


Mr. Sato added that the actual smell was probably closer to something like gorgonzola cheese than viscera, but not exactly in a good way. He also recommended that anyone trying them out open up a window first, or risk stinking up the place for days to come.


Our cosplay-loving reporter Yoshio was up next, and while initially put off by the smell, he remarked that overall the flavor was fine.

▼ The look on his face seems to say otherwise, though…


Reader favorite Meg was a little more hesitant, but after taking a bite she commented that the chips’ taste wasn’t nearly as strong as their foul odor.


After watching everyone else try a chip, Go Hatori took a whiff and wasn’t immediately turned off by the smell, so he quickly chomped down on one.


It was a decision he immediately regretted. (And yes, Go really wore one of these sailor uniform pajamas to work today.)


While three members of our staff rated them as edible, no one appeared to be thrilled about the prospect of purchasing them again. They definitely aren’t for everyone. In fact, the smell is so strong that we advise anyone curious enough to follow give them a try to make sure you’ve got some gum or mints to hand, or risk terrorizing everyone around you with your dragon breath.

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