With its “Potato Chips” brand celebrating its 40th anniversary, snack company Calbee decided to poll Japan residents on the flavors they’d like to see next…

Lay’s, the western potato chip brand, recently hosted their annual “Do us a Flavor” contest to turn consumers’ most imaginative dream flavors into a reality, with appropriately wild flavors, such as Korean Barbecue and Roasted Habanero, winning out. But do these flavors hold a candle to Japanese brand Calbee’s similar new contest?

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the snack manufacturer’s “Potato Chips” brand of — you guessed it — potato chips, the company held a national poll to determine three new flavor combos, and all three of the winners turned out distinctly Japanese.

Out of 460,000 submissions, the reigning winners of the flavor poll were: “Gomayo Ponzu” (roasted sesame, mayonnaise and ponzu vinegar), “Sour Cream and Hotate” (sour cream and Japanese scallop), and “Tuna Corn Curry.”


None of the dreamed-up flavors sound too off-putting — which is a surprise given Japan’s penchant for novelty flavors that blatantly flaunt your taste buds — but the Tuna Corn Curry flavor certainly sounds like a bizarre combination. While tuna and corn often end up together in certain Japanese dishes, tuna and curry, and curry and corn, for that matter, are not particularly common, which begs the question of where consumers dreamed up this flavor.

The Gomayo Ponzu combines three classic Japanese condiments and sounds like it will go along pretty well with the base fried potato chips, while the Sour Cream and Hotate flavor sounds like it would be right at home as a guilty pleasure option in a sushi shop.

We’re pondering an official RocketNews24 taste test of the new flavors, but that may depend on whether or not our doctors determine we’ve exceeded our cholesterol intake for the next year with all the seasonal matcha flavors and limited Spring McDonald’s menu items on offer.


Which of these new flavors would you most like to try? Leave us a comment below!

Images: Calbee via Walker Plus