Enjoy the crisp, salty taste of potato chips with a blast of…mandarin orange?

Koikeya, a Japanese snack maker, is known for releasing some pretty interestingly flavored potato chips. The list includes everything from toast to milk to apple even.

This summer, Koikeya has released mikan — or mandarin orange — flavored potato chips. If that sounds familiar, it’s because they’ve released this flavor in previous years. We even wrote an article about when they first appeared in 2014!

The 2016 edition comes packed with a more mandarin flavor than ever. They went on sale August 17th exclusively at Seven & I Holdings-owned franchises (like 7-Eleven and Ito Yokado) around Japan. Naturally, the RocketNews24 team decided to try them out.

▼ The package advertises them as “sweet, sour, and refreshing.” It sounds perfect for summer!


The first crunch made us think, “Wow, this is sour!” But then, the aftertaste transformed into refreshing mandarin goodness. Who would have thought the salty crispness of potato chips would pair so well with the sweet-and-sour delightful-ness of mikan?

▼ Don’t be deceived by their ordinary appearance.


Compared to the 2014 version, we found this year’s mandarin chips struck the perfect balance between salt and flavoring. Neither overpowers the other.


We’re excited to see what seasonal flavors Koikeya comes up with next!

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