Cops crack down on public feel-copping, also charge two men in get-rich-quick-with-boobs scheme.

One of the most irresistible marketing tactics is “free stuff,” and another promotional element many people have a hard time ignoring are “breasts.” However, a group of five people in Japan, including three schoolgirls, now find themselves in trouble with the law after staging a “free oppai” (“free boobs”) session in Tokyo.

At around 6:30 in the evening on Sunday, January 28, three female first-year high school students, all aged 16, staked out a section of the plaza outside Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, near the statue of faithful dog Hachiko that serves as one of the most popular meeting points in the city. Dressed in revealing “bunny girl-style” outfits and holding up a sketchbook with “free oppai” written on it, the three, who are residents of Funabashi City in neighboring Chiba Prefecture, called out to passersby, offering “You can touch our boobs as much as you want.”

Though some people were tempted by the proposal, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was not amused. After determining the identity of the three girls, the Community Safety Special Investigation Bureau has formally indicted the trio, as well as two of their acquaintance, an 18-year-old male third-year high school student from Sagamihara in Kanagawa Prefecture and a 23-year-old man from Tokyo’s Mitaka district, who filmed and took still photos of the 20 or so men and women who took the girls up on their offer over the course of roughly 20-40 minutes.

They stand accused of violating anti-public nuisance/indecency ordinances, though since no money changed hands, no prostitution-related charges have been filed. That’s not to say the group wasn’t motivated by potential economic gain, however. Upon questioning by the police, the three schoolgirls, who have admitted to the charges, said they were hoping to make money as “YouTubers” by filming people fondling their chests, uploading the video to a video streaming site, and collecting ad revenue. The inspiration for the endeavor, according to the girls, came from a similar stunt pulled by YouTuber Pepsi Lu in front of Shibuya Station back in November, where she offered to let people feel her breasts as part of a vaguely-defined proclamation that “Breasts will save the world.” But though Pepsi Lu managed to avoid legal trouble, apparently the Tokyo police have decided to clamp down before Shibuya becomes known as the place to go in Tokyo for a public glomp-fest with a stranger.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso