Bathe in the warm glow of owning something recycled, and a light bulb, with these magic cardboard lamps.

Here at SoraNews24, we’re all for recycling, whether it’s using old kimono to make beautiful parasols or tired jeans to make all sorts of bits and pieces, but we can also be a bit on the lazy side. That, and we’re inept enough with scissors to merit a special mention in the safety instructions attached to them. Fortunately there are people out there with both the skill and imagination to produce pieces that combine form and function, crafted from second-hand materials, who also post pictures online for us to goggle at.

Deciding we needed some mood-setting lighting for the office, which can often be too well-lit for our liking, we came across some rather pleasant lamps, and even better, the shades are all made from recycled cardboard.

The company that produces the lamps, Sylvn Studio, from India, makes them in floor, table, hanging, gourd and wall types, with a number of intricate designs that throw shapes across the room and ceiling, probably even making everyday, mundane office activities like jumping over invisible boxes more dramatic.

You wouldn’t know that these beautifully designed shades were made of recycled cardboard, nor that they might possibly have been wishing people happy birthday or commiserations as birthday cards, housing the residentially disadvantaged, or wiping people’s backsides in previous incarnations. That’s the magic of recycling.

It’s not just cardboard that Sylvn Studios use, but also other recycled materials such as jute bags, saying that their products contribute towards restoring the beauty of the Earth and of society, and help to build a sustainable eco-system.

▼ Perfect for when you feel like breaking out a spontaneous Bollywood disco, something which happens more often than you might think.

The one-of-a-kind, hand-painted hanging lampshades range in price from 4,549 yen to 13,649 yen (US$42-128). A small price to pay when you work in an office with our resident reporter Mr. Sato, where lower, gentler lighting is worth every single penny.

Source, images: Sylvn Studio
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