Starbucks Japan wishes you a “bright future.”

“Have a nice day” is a nice enough thing to say, but it’s pretty small in scope. Right now Starbucks Japan, though, is being a lot more expansive, with a new line of drinkware expressing their hope that you “Have a bright future.”

That’s the sentiment written on Starbucks new drinkware line, created in collaboration with Tokyo-based Japanese illustrator Shogo Sekine. The cheerful, colorful motif includes depictions of an African elephant, Sumatran tiger, and South American quetzal, as nods to the three major coffee bean-producing regions.

The drinkware also encourages you to “make good choices,” which is in part meant s a reference to the environmental sustainability goals of the drinkware. In addition to being reusable, the bottles and tumblers are made with recycled stainless steel and glass, and plastic produced from recycled cooking oil.

In addition to the 4,700-yen (US$30) stainless steel drink bottles pictured above, the line also includes stainless steel tumblers (4,900 yen)…

…a glass tumbler with special straw top (2,500 yen)…

…and a ceramic mug (2,500 yen), which is also made from recycled materials.

Rounding off the collection are a bio-base polypropylene bottle (2,300 yen)…

…and recycled polypropylene bottle (2,200 yen).

The entire collection is on sale now at Starbucks Japan locations nationwide.

Source: Starbucks via Entabe
Top image: Starbucks
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