Ice cream cakes splattered in ink marks Splatoon’s return to Baskin Robins in Japan

Three is the magic number this time around.

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Zelda isn’t the Nintendo anime adaptation Japanese fans want to see most, survey says

Respondents pick two casts of Nintendo characters they want to see get the anime treatment above Link and Zelda.

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Play this Nintendo game with your partner before you decide to marry them, Japanese Twitter says

Some pre-marital fraternal violence can reveal your chances of spousal happiness.

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Squid-themed ice cream comes to Baskin-Robbins Japan, but it’s OK because it’s a Nintendo tie-in

It’s like a Splatoon match in our mouth, and everyone’s invited to this taste test!

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Nintendo Tokyo, Nintendo’s first ever dedicated shop in Japan, opens–here’s the awesome merch!

A massive photo safari of the treasure trove of amazing stuff waiting at Nintendo’s brand-new Shibuya destination store!

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Uniqlo’s awesome new line of Nintendo T-shirts features stylish Super Mario, Splatoon designs

Uniqlo’s UT t-shirt brand never disappoints!

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Ready, set… woomy! Sanrio new character collaboration poll starts, featuring Splatoon 2 and more

Hello Kitty’s home company is running its yearly poll to decide which out-of-company character will get their own event at the Puroland theme park.
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Girlfriend creates Splatoon-themed surprise meal for fanboy boyfriend that is too cute to eat

This girlfriend went all out to give her Splatoon-loving-boyfriend the birthday meal of a lifetime!

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Chinese knockoff of Splatoon to be released with “original” content, no one takes it seriously

After getting shut down once, you’d have thought the developers might have learned a lesson or two.

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Japanese company will send instructors to your home to teach you how to be good at video games

Now you don’t have to hit the streets to become a better street fighter.

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Successful Wii U shooter Splatoon is about to get two manga adaptations

If you haven’t gotten enough Splatoon yet, you’ll soon be able to start reading the story of your favorite transforming squid/human characters.

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Top 10 searched keywords from Japanese Google in 2015 include terrorism, rugby, and Splatoon

It’s been a busy year for Japan!

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Adorable Japanese kids’ homemade Splatoon costumes are ink-redible【Pics】

Halloween may be over, but that hasn’t put a stop to the internet being flooded with pictures of all the amazing and not-really-amazing-but-still-popular costumes that people wore.

One costume that was especially popular this year was the Inklings from the Wii U game Splatoon, but the ones who pulled it off the best have to be this pair of Japanese kids. Not only are their costumes homemade, but they look absolutely adorable while running around covering everything in pretend ink.

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Splatoon’s squid vs octopus Splatfest asks deep questions, ruins marriages

Video games have the power to change people’s lives, inspiring creativity and bringing friends and couples together.

But they can also destroy relationships. And it turns out that even Splatoon, the cute, brightly colored squid-themed shooter from Nintendo, is a culprit—although not quite in the way you might be thinking…

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Splatoon’s Inklings get a retro makeover in Super Mario Maker【Video】

Super Mario Maker, which was released exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii U console on September 10, has been a hit, giving hours of creative fun to Nintendo fans all over the world. There are tons of secrets and extras to be unlocked, and we wanted to show off a really cool one that takes Nintendo’s newest IP back in time into the retro Mario world. Read on to see Mario transformed into an Inkling from Splatoon!

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Is Disney ripping off Nintendo’s Splatoon with its new Squid Wars minigame? Fans say “It sure is”

I’m pretty sure that by this point Nintendo is used to being one of the giants on whose shoulders many other video game developers stand. After all, just about every platformer or action RPG owes a debt to the company’s Mario and Zelda franchises, and its Metroid series was so influential in the design of similar exploration-heavy titles that gamers just threw their hands up and decided to call the genre “Metroidvania” (somewhat unfairly giving half the credit to Konami’s Castlevania, which wasn’t nearly as groundbreaking in establishing the category).

Still, it’s one thing when some third-tier software publisher or homebrew video game outfit toes the line between being inspired by your creation and outright copying it, and another when it’s world-famous Disney.

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“It’s the Japanese! Run!” – Overseas gamers tired of playing Splatoon with Inklings from Japan

Online console gaming has been thriving for over a decade now, and ostensibly it should have brought gamers from all over the world into contact with one another as competitors and co-op teammates. In practice, though, regional differences in preferred genres, aesthetics, and overall play styles have meant that Japanese and Western gamers haven’t crossed paths all that terribly often.

At least until Nintendo released Splatoon this year for the Wii U, that is. Combining the team-based shooter Western gamers have so embraced with the colorful quirkiness that their Japanese counterparts have always been fond of, Splatoon’s popularity is bridging the oceans. This is giving overseas Inklings a chance to play with gamers in Japan…or to complain about them online and devise strategies to avoid them.

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More tributes to Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata pour into popular Wii U game Splatoon

Since Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata’s passing a few days ago, fans around the world have been paying their respects to the Nintendo giant with a landslide of drawings and messages. Players of the team-based online game Splatoon have especially embraced this trend, leading to an outpouring of in-game tributes to the beloved president.

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Nintendo’s Splatoon (sort of) comes to PC – Get your squid on in Splat Fortress mod

Nintendo’s Splatoon, a new IP for Wii U, was released in May to wide critical and user acclaim. Apparently the combo of squid and kid is a winner; who’d have thought it?

However, while the title being exclusive to the Wii U has been helping to boost hardware sales for Nintendo, PC gamers who are unwilling or unable to shell out for a new console have been left out of the loop. But for those desperate for some inky multiplayer action, there’s a free option coming to PC soon: Splat Fortress.

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Picture this: a collection of illustrations created from Nintendo’s Splatoon video game

Released only a week ago, Nintendo’s Wii U game Splatoon has definitely been leaving its mark. The hugely popular video game challenges players to a splatter turf war competition as they attempt to ink out their enemies paintball-style in a virtual world.

In a twist to the game’s premise, Splatoon has been drawing a following on Twitter as creative users are turning the tables and posting sketches created inside the game.

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