In Japan, even the Demon King wants you to take health issues seriously.

Japanese posters come in all sorts of varieties, ranging from oddly cute to oddly nationalistic. But one particular series of posters seems to border fear-inspiring.

Early diagnosis of cancer is vital in its prevention, but some people avoid screening tests as much as they fear contracting the deadly disease itself. Hiroshima residents were treated to a startling wake-up call when posters featuring a furious Demon Kakka – which literally translates to “His Excellency Demon”, who presumably rules over all of hell – started appearing in the streets.

▼ An enraged Demon Kakka screams, “Hiroshima residents,
when are you going to get your cancer screening tests done!?”

Demon Kakka is the lead singer of Japanese heavy metal band Seikima-II, and his fearsome visage is the perfect way to send chills down anyone’s spine along with the important message that cancer is a disease not to be trifled with.

▼ Observant residents have also noticed that the king of hell
has been featured on posters advocating electricity safety too.

Japanese Twitter users were quite receptive to the infernal advertisements:

“He was once an evil demon bent on wreaking havoc in the human world, but now he’s a health management specialist. What a pleasant demon! Fantastic!”
“He isn’t interested in dominating sick people, so get your screening tests done, Hiroshima residents!”
“You’ve got such pearly whites, Your Excellency. Please enlighten us about dental health too.”
“He’s truly a kind demon.”
“I expect nothing less from Demon Kakka.”

We hope Demon Kakka’s devilish messages manage to strike fear and awe into the hearts of Hiroshima residents, though it seems more likely to elicit amusement instead. Regardless, at least it’s better than posters than can be outright demotivational.

The bottom line is this: get your cancer screen tests done, or else Demon Kakka will be very, very cross.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Marrfectpop