Tongue-lashing has fans of Idolmaster, Evangelion franchises thinking they’ve heard that voice before.

Aside from how clean and efficient they are, one of the remarkable things about trains in Japan is how quiet their passengers are inside. Conversations are kept quiet, and most music overs even set the volume on their earphones low enough that the people sitting next to them aren’t forced to listen to the song as well.

So it’s pretty shocking when the aural tranquility is shattered by a loud argument, as it is in this video tweeted by Japanese Twitter user @shiba_____. But it’s not just the verbal outburst itself that got people’s attention, but the uncanny resemblance to the voice of anime character Miku Maekawa, from the Idolmaster franchise (who we last saw as the object of affection from a physically expressive dog).

The exact date of the incident isn’t clear, as the on-screen text merely says it took place on “the 16th” without specifying a month. It does reveal that the video was shot on the Chiyoda subway line which runs through downtown Tokyo, though, and that the woman was upset over three men riding in what was supposed to be a women-only car of the train.

While the woman’s identity is unknown, @shiba_____ thinks she sounds just like Miku’s voice actress, Natsumi Takamori. The choice words the woman in the video translate as:

“You three are causing problems for the subway service, so get off the train already! You’ve been here since Otemachi Station. Get off. Get off the train, all three of you. Get off now! I’m telling you to get off. The station attendants saw you at Otemachi, and you’re already causing problems for them. Get off now. Get the hell off, you assholes!”

▼ A sample of Miku’s voice

The train video produced comments including:

“The first “mo” sounds just like Miku.”
“The voices are simmilar, but Miku is way cuter!”
“Is this a glimpse at Miku Maekawa’s real personality?”
“I think the woman sounds more like Asuka from Evangelion.”

In the end, it can’t be said for sure whether or not the woman on the train was indeed Natsumi Takamori or not. But if she, in fact, isn’t a professional voice actress, she’s definitely got the enunciation, projection, and emotion to make it in the anime industry.

Source: Twitter/@shiba_____ via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso