Clam chowder and chili dips also available, and are enticing alternatives to Japanese pizza with mayo.

Curry may not have a space alongside sushi, ramen, and Kit-Kats on everyone’s list of must-eat foods in Japan, but there’s hardly a foreign visitor or resident who doesn’t fall in love with Japan’s take on the dish. Introduced to Japan via the British navy (with a very unique recipe that you can make yourself), curry is so popular in Japan that it has a spot in just about every family’s dinner recipe rotation, and now even Domino’s Pizza is getting into the curry game.

As of May 11, curry is part of the menu at Domino’s Pizza Japan. The result of a year’s worth of research and development with an anonymous specialized curry restaurant, Domino’s curry makes use of 30 different herbs and spices, which by our math should make it 2.7 times as delicious as Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Domino’s recognizes that its customer base has become accustomed to finger food, and so its curry is meant to be eaten with your hands. Officially, it’s called tsuke curry bread (tsuke meaning “dippable”), and each order gets you a fluffy baked pizza crust with melted mozzarella (but no sauce) sliced into bite-sized chunks that you dip into the curry.

Not in the mood for curry? Domino’s tsuke bread series also offers clam chowder


…corn potage

…and minestrone soup for you to dunk your cheesy pizza crust in.

Each combo of bread and curry/soup is priced at 800 yen (US$7.40) and will be available until the end of August.

Source: PR Times via IT Media
Images: PR Times

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