Our writer dreams of playing video games with his newfound love in his apartment, but first he has to find it under all the garbage.

Followers of our once love-lorn writer Seiji Nakazawa will no doubt remember that he finally landed a girlfriend named Mimi Koyasube. You will also be pleased to know that things are continuing to go well between the two. So well, in fact, that Seiji now feels its time to save money by meeting at home and playing some video games or watching anime.

Unfortunately, his previous decade of being unattached has suddenly caught up to him, and now his day of reckoning has arrived. Behold, Seiji’s home!

You might notice the time stamp on that Instagram post dates back to November of 2016. That’s because, with the help of fellow writer Go Hattori, this apartment had actually already been cleaned once. And of course it was done in a peppy time-lapse montage!

They say a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, so there must be a great big Where’s Waldo scene going on up in Seiji’s cranium, because once again, the trash can had become the cleanest place in it.

This time, however, Seiji would have to clean it himself. With his new girlfriend, he would have to begin taking responsibility for himself and make this place presentable enough to bring her around on his own. So he hiked up his pants and got to work.

Since he was all alone there was no one to document the actual cleaning. So just close your eyes and imagine a time-lapse video of Seiji cleaning while various comical mishaps occasionally happen. Oh and play the following song while you do it, because he was also too busy to provide the music this time around.

When all was said and done, Seiji removed about 500 liters of refuse from his apartment. He decided that anything he hadn’t used in a month should go out the door along with the dozens of empty shopping bags and plastic bottles.

One sliver lining to Seiji’s lifestyle is that thanks to the layer of garbage on the floor, the wood had been protected from dust and scuffing, leaving it in remarkably good condition. It sparkled!

Mimi sent him a message regarding the Instagram post saying “Good job!” With that the stage was set. It was time for Seiji to finally bring his princess into his castle. The invitation was sent and soon after she arrived at his door.

Here are some of her reactions:

“Wait, the pictures looked way better than this.”
“What is that yellow stuff?”
“Look at all that dust. Oh my god, there too, gyahhh!”
“Why is there hair all over the floor? How do you have any left in your head?!”
“Why do I feel itchy all of a sudden?”

Indeed, while Seiji had accomplished much in his cleaning session, there were a few parts he had overlooked. Dust bunnies the size of a chupacabra lay dormant under his bed and shelves.

He also made the rookie mistake of forgetting to wipe out those crevices on plastic clothes boxes where dust loves to gather.

And then there was the kitchen area. Honestly, I have no idea how he managed to overlook this, but lest you think Mimi was being overly picky… she wasn’t.

And so, the rest of Seiji and Mimi’s first home date was spent frantically cleaning so as to stop her skin from crawling.

And they say romance is dead.

Photos: SoraNews24
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