Just your friendly Sengoku period fuedal fief Spider-Man.

Following the surprising ending to Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man’s Marvel Cinematic Universe future is murky. Maybe that’s why a new figure from Japan’s Tamashi Nations takes the web-slinging back to the past, instead.

And we mean way back, as Peter Parker is dressed not in neither his original cloth outfit nor its high-tech “Iron Spider”follow-up, but a suit of darkly intimidating samurai armor.

▼ So maybe we should be giving his name Japanese-style, as “Parker Peter.”

Called Onmitsu Black Spider-Man, the figure is part of Tamashi Nations’ Meisho Manga Realization line (onmitsu and meisho meaning “secret” and “great commander,” respectively). Designed by figure artist Takayuki Takeya, the construction of the armor is similar to the company’s previous samurai Spider-Man figure, but swaps the standard red-and-blue for an all-black color scheme of his alternate symbiote costume, which would later go on to become the villainous Venom.

▼ Kusarigama-like chained grappling hooks replace the hero’s traditional web shooters.

▼ Does this mean the symbiote traveled to Earth on the same meteorite used to make Japan’s famous meteorite katana?

While Spider-Man fights with his hands in the comics, samurai Spider-Man instead carries a katana, though oddly enough only a single blade, instead of the two that samurai were actually allowed.

▼ Perhaps Parker just doesn’t want to show off because of his humble, nice-guy personality.

But if you prefer to have samurai Spider-Man mix it up bare-handed, you can mix up his hands, since the figure comes with four of each for optimal posing.

▼ By the way, the kanji calligraphy in the background, 蜘蛛, means kumo/spider.

The Onmitsu Black Spider-Man stands 19 centimeters (7.5 inches) tall and is being offered for 9,504 yen (US$87) online here through retailer Premium Bandai. Shipping is scheduled for October, so make sure to clear out some space on the shelf next to your Samurai Captain America figure before then.

Source: Premium Bandai via Japaaan
Images: Premium Bandai