Further proof that whatever people worship, it tends to manifest itself in their food.

Gather round all ye faithful, and lend an ear to this testament of the good news. In the 2,017th year of our lord a miracle occurred as Twitter user Kotti bore witness to a six-girl idol unit that magically appeared in their partially melted pack of Alfort chocolate-covered cookies.


▼ “I got an Alfort from the arcade. It was all melted and mushy, but I laughed when I saw it looked kind of like an idol unit.”


Twitter users from all over the land visited and laid offerings of favs and retweets in honor of these angelic Alfort apparitions. Visitors wept in their magnificence and testified the following.

“An amazing miracle!”
“Everyone has pigtails!”
“They’re like an anime idol unit, I see…”
“I see it all. The two girls on the left are the older sisters of the group. The one in the center is the pure-hearted one. Next to her is the really energetic one and on her right is the one with big boobs. And on the far right the loli that acts kind of like a jerk but really has a heart of gold.”
“I like the second one from the right. Maybe she was born in Kyoto.”

And like all miracles, works of art were born of their inspiration.

Indeed, with such a passionate flock mere days after their conception, we may very well see the Alfort Idols get their own anime series and line of albums. Then we can all watch as the one in the center begins to outshine the rest and “graduates” to a lucrative solo career while the two on the right cling to show business but can’t get work beyond the odd swimsuit modeling job. The two on the left will eventually get sensible careers in the insurance business while the remaining cookie will have already left the spotlight due to a scandal in which she kissed a boy she liked.

So it is written, so it shall be done. Amen.

Source: Twitter/@chocobo5242, Netlab
Top image: SoraNews24