This Japanese ryokan with a colorful past offers a modest place to stay near some major city attractions. 

Thankfully, Japanese Twitter user @ruins_rider lives up to his username in finding some of the best off the beaten path ruins and intriguing buildings throughout Japan. His latest find, a converted Japanese inn (ryokan) in the heart of Hiroshima City, has garnered immense popularity since he posted some photos on his Twitter account.

While ryokan are typically known for their luxurious amenities such as exquisitely prepared meals and heavenly hot springs, Ichiraku Ryokan functions on a much simpler concept that many budget-conscious travelers are sure to appreciate–a night there starts at just 3,000 yen (US$27.40) per night (no meals included).

That’s not to say that Ichiraku is lacking in ambiance, either. The building was originally constructed in 1950, in the midst of the Showa era (1926-1989), a fact that is made more impressive considering the devastation the city suffered just five years earlier on August 6, 1945. Its colorful history includes operating as a pleasure quarters site in a former red light district followed by a stint as a love hotel and today functioning as an inexpensive inn.

▼ The quirky exterior of Ichiraku Ryokan today

Immediately upon entering, visitors will be impressed by the sight of the small pond in the entryway and the tall atrium that reaches to the ceiling. Rooms are traditionally Japanese in style, so you’ll still have a chance to experience staying in a tatami mat room and sleeping on an authentic futon.

▼ The interior of Ichiraku Ryokan, showcasing the small pond and split levels

Furthermore, Ichiraku is situated close to the business district of Hiroshima and directly to the east of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The closest Hiroshima Electric Railway stop is also just a short hop to the north.

Other Japanese net users responded to the photos with a sense of overall awe:

“I’m from Hiroshima but I had no idea this was here! Thanks for sharing.”
“The retro atmosphere is intriguing.”
“This place was featured on a local Fukuoka TV channel. I’d like to visit sometime.”
“It’s got a mysterious aura about it…like something that would pop up in Spirited Away.”
“…There aren’t any ghosts, are there?” 

If you’re about to travel in Japan and are in need of some other inexpensive places to stay at that still lend a Japanese flavor to your journey, be sure to check out @ruins_rider’s other tweets because he has already posted many of his finds throughout the country, from Asakichi Ryokan in Mie Prefecture

…to Shinmutsu Ryokan in Aomori Prefecture in the extreme north of Honshu.

Happy hotel hunting!

Hotel information
Ichiraku Ryokan / 一楽旅館
Address: 730-0024 Hiroshima-ken, Hiroshima-shi, Naka-ku, Nishihiratsuka-cho 2-17
730-0024 広島県広島市 中区西平塚町2−17
Phone: +81 82-244-2028

Source: Twitter/@ruins_rider via Twicolle
Featured image: Twitter/@ruins_rider