Leaping into action and clearing Japan’s already high bar for customer service in an amazing way.

Part of what makes Japanese customer service so amazing is that it’s not limited to high-end restaurants, brand-name boutiques, and other fancy venues. For example, step into a convenience store, and regardless of how minor a purchase you’re making, when it’s time to complete the transaction, the staff will leap into action…literally, in the case of the store Japanese Twitter @the_catalyst31 went to.

@the_catalyst31 was recently in the city of Fujino, Saitama Prefecture, where he stopped into a branch of convenience store chain Family Mart and recorded this video of a shockingly energetic and attentive clerk.

As the video opens, we see a customer, holding a small pack of indeterminate snack food, standing in front of an unmanned register. The clerk, who’s been taking care of some other task elsewhere in the store, notices there’s a customer who’s been left waiting, and shouts out “Welcome!” as he quickly makes his way to the payment counter…

…then bounds right over it before sticking the landing with remarkable agility and saying “Sorry to have kept you waiting so long,” nonchalantly playing off the fact that he just transformed from convenience store clerk into Super Mario and back again.

▼ Does…does this Family Mart sell video game power-ups in addition to Galactica Grape frappes?

Fujimino has multiple Family Mart locations, but @the_catalyst31 says he recorded the video at one near Nishijima Medical Clinic. That still leaves two candidates: one (the absolute closest) with an address of Fujimishi, Fujimino Higashi 3-13-4, and another nearby branch with the address Fujimino, Shinkomabayashi 2-4-10.

However, if you’re hoping to experience this dynamic customer service for yourself, you might want to move quickly, as Family Mart has, in the past, sought to curb what it judges overly frenetic enthusiasm from front-line employees. On the other hand, maybe this clerk will get a pass, seeing as how his extraordinary athletic abilities would make a great advertisement for the company’s upcoming venture of attaching fitness gyms to its convenience stores.

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