Dreams come in all shapes and sizes… even small, furry ones.

Owning a pet in Japan can be tricky. Most apartments don’t allow them, and houses with big yards are few and far between. This has caused some Japanese people to find friends among creatures that are not exactly seen as cute in other parts of the world, such as beetles and even hornets.

But if your cravings for cuddles can only be satisfied by something fluffy, and you have a landlord who doesn’t allow cats or dogs, then hamsters are the perfect solution.

Such was the case for Japanese Twitter user @Hundred_L who wanted a hamster so much… they bought all of the equipment but forgot the most important part.

▼ Something is missing here.
(Translation below)

“I wanted a hamster so badly I got flustered and only bought the equipment. It looks like a real hamster would live there, doesn’t it? But, there isn’t one. Is something wrong with me? I think I’m at my limit.”

Apparently they went to the pet store with the full intention of buying a hamster, but when they got there and looked at them all, they couldn’t choose which one to take home. Then, suddenly hit with an existential crisis of not even knowing if a hamster would want to come home with them, they ended up buying just the equipment and leaving.

Ah, the heartbreak! We can kind of understand. Owning a pet, no matter its size, is a big responsibility. It can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. It can be good to take it just one step at a time, even if it is kind of sad to look at.

And the next step went even further:

“Since there’s no hamster in it, I put in one of
my hamster stuffed animals. Am I all right…?”

It went from sad to even sadder! Seeing the whole hamster home set up with no hamster at least had the potential for a real hamster. But putting a stuffed animal hamster in it, it just feels like giving up.

Will they ever be able to get a real hamster? Or will they be left staring at the lifeless plushie in the empty box, forever wondering what could’ve been?

…obviously something needed to change.

“Welcome! My god….”

▼ Hooray! A real hamster has finally arrived.
(Translation below)

“Owning this hamster has made me feel the most blessed I have ever in my life. Thank you so much everyone. I don’t know whether to name him Gabriel or Messiah. But he has a Gabriel-like face, so probably Gabe-kun. He’s running so much in his wheel, just like the powerful archangel he’s named after. We’ll take things slow this first week.”

Picking a pet can be tough. So many questions run through your head: Did I make the right choice? Will I be able to care for them? Will they like me? But in the end, the pet you buy from the store doesn’t determine how great a pet they are or how great a pet-owner you are, the bond that grows between you through years of love is what determines it.

Well, that and how many cute videos you take of them:

▼ “Trying to groom himself but falling over and
deciding to play instead… he is truly of noble blood.”


Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the happy-hamster ending:

“The angel Gabriel has descended upon you… cutely.”
“I hope you enjoy your new wonderful hamster life.”
“Ham-friends are the best friends.”
“Hamsters are so comforting and peaceful. Have fun!”

This is hopefully the start to a wonderful friendship. Just think of all the fun that’s in store for Gabe-kun and his human: running around inside a hamster ball in the house, climbing over keyboards and sending gibberish messages, and of course, adorably failing to eat broccoli.

Source: Twitter/@Hundred_L via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@Hundred_L