racing miku

Not just another useless (but super cool) collector’s item!

Racing Miku made her debut as the mascot for Good Smile Racing in 2008 and every year since then, her style has continually been re-imagined to keep it fresh and interesting.

▼ Good Smile Racing’s 2009 Racing Miku (Nendoriod Petite Ver.)

racing miku 2009

This year’s design by Mai Yoneyama, an animator known her for work on anime such as Kill la Kill and the Naruto Shippuden movies, was inspired by the fiery colors of the phoenix.

racing miku good smile

▼ Racing Miku 2016 in her fly ride!

racing miku car

Although the Racing Miku 2016 Nendoroid figure won’t be available for purchase until December 2016, you can satisfy your appetite for cute new Miku goods with a newly released stamp set. As you may already know, the inkan (or hanko) is a stamp with one’s name on it used much like a signature for official documents. This new stamp set is a ginkou-in – a stamp with your name on it that is used to conduct banking business, such as opening new accounts and withdrawing money from existing accounts.

▼This stamp set makes adulting a little more fun.

racing miku 3

There are 7 different designs to choose from and you can select either a square stamp or a circular one. Each stamp is made to order.

7 miku stamp faces

The stamps aren’t the only Racing Miku 2016 item you can procure, though. Also available are leather stamp mats and gift boxes.

▼The leather mat helps ensure that the stamp impression comes out clearly and cleanly

racing miku leather mat

▼ The gift box really adds some panache to the set as a whole.

racing miku gift box

The price of the square stamp is 3,980 yen (about US$38.28) and the round one is 3,580 (roughly US$34.43). The leather mat is priced at 1,980 yen (approximately US$19.04) and the gift box will cost you 2,480 (around US$23.85). All in all, it’ll be about $115 to score one of each of the items available, but for the little bit of fun it will add to your everyday life, that seems like a small price to pay!

If figures are more your style, you might like this Miku transformer. Or, if you have a lot more money to throw around, perhaps a BMW tricked-out in Hatsune Miku style!

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Images: Itaindou