Not all fans salty about mega-star’s romantic milestone, though.

With Akihabara being Japan’s concentrated mecca of otaku culture, the Tokyo neighborhood isn’t just a place for fans to buy hobby-related items, but to sell them too. Walking around Akiba, you’ll find as many shops dealing in second-hand goods as used items, with some of the busiest used merchants being the local branches of chain K-Books.

On July 8, K-Books Akihabara’s voice actor/actress division sent out a tweet letting everyone know that they’d been getting a large influx of used items for one star in particular: voice actress/anime song vocalist Nana Mizuki.

▼ “We’ve got a lot of Nana Mizuki concert merch that’s just come in ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
We’re setting up a special corner in the store for it, so be sure to check it out!!

With anime being a largely youth-oriented entertainment field, it’s not unusual for a voice performer’s popularity to drop off suddenly as fans move on to the next talent sensation. Mizuki has traditionally been an exception, though, having been an anime A-lister for roughly 20 years. So why were so many fans suddenly willing t part with their Nana Mizuki memorabilia?

K-Books itself didn’t offer a direct explanation, but there’s a possible clue contained in its tweet, which also included the message “Congratulations on your marriage.”

▼ Nana Mizuki

Just one day before K-Books’ tweet, Mizuki revealed, via a post on her blog, that she’d gotten married (apparently having chosen July 7 as the date on which to break the news, since nana is also the Japanese word for “seven”). So it seems like at least a few fans were shaken up by the fact that Mizuki was no longer single, and with their daydreams of perhaps one day winning her love going from far-fetched to impossible, decided to swiftly divest themselves of such possessions.

▼ A few days later on July 12, K-Books sent out another tweet to let people know that it had acquired a pair of limited-edition, out-of-production Nana Mizuki-themed Reeboks.

However, it’s not like all fans were ready to cut emotional ties with the voice actress. Reactions to Mizuki’s marriage announcement on her official Twitter have been overwhelmingly positive, including:

“Yes! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!…Will you be singing at your wedding reception, and releasing a Blu-ray of it?”
“How about a newlywed concert tour?”
“I hope you will be happy forever!”
“Looking forward to your performances following your marriage power-up!”

It’s also worth noting that K-Books, which has stayed in business due to its ability to gauge what anime fans will and won’t buy, wouldn’t have purchased all that used Nana Mizuki merch if it wasn’t confident there are even more fans out there who are happy for Mizuki, and still happy to buy her merchandise.

Sources: Twitter/@kb_akb_vs via Hachima Kiko, Twittr/@NM_NANAPARTY
Top image: Gahag
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