All of the teams were awesome, but Team Mexico’s fantastic costumes and amazing choreography won them the championship!

If you didn’t think cosplay was big enough to have a world competition, well, you’d be wrong. The World Cosplay Summit is held every year in Nagoya, Japan, and it’s such a big deal that even the governor of Nagoya gets dressed up for it.

Teams of two from each country have to win preliminary rounds to make it to this top-tier competition, so only the best of the best from each country can participate. This year teams from 36 countries around the world competed against each other, and although each one brought their A-game, Mexico’s cosplay pair, Banana Cospboys, stole the show with their outstanding performance based on the Street Fighter video game series.

Since judging for the competition is based on the performance as well as the costumes, it’s no wonder Team Mexico won. Only one-third of the 300 points are awarded for the accuracy, quality, and technique of the costumes, while the remaining two-thirds are allotted for the performance, stage presence of the costumes, and fidelity to the characters. Team Mexico’s fantastic fight choreography (and impressive flexibility), in addition to their true-to-character costumes, are undoubtedly what earned them the championship.

Nevertheless, each of the teams’ costumes looked amazing, and their performances were stellar. Team France’s Resident Evil Revelation cosplay show, for example, included not only great costumes and working props, but also gory special effects, which were super awesome.

Team Philippine’s performance, based on the video game and anime series Sengoku Basara, featured an incredible dual-weapon sword fight with perfectly timed sound effects, all in unbelievably elaborate costumes.

But the championship performances of the Cosplay World Summit are actually just the climax of the event; in fact, it’s not only a competition but also a five-day-long convention. Many of the cosplayers enjoyed meeting new people and posing for relaxed photos during the days leading up to the final.

▼ Team Bulgaria

▼ Team Taiwan

But of course, what is a cosplay convention without photo shoots? The competing teams also took official competition photos before their on-stage performances.

▼ Team Mexico

▼ Team Russia

▼ Team Sweden

Since it’s a convention, those who aren’t competing are free to attend as well. One of the biggest attractions for non-competitors are the cosplay parades, where the world-class costumers from this year’s competition, as well as alumni from previous competitions, can show off some of their favorite cosplays.

This year, there were also opportunities to pose in front of many different backgrounds, including pools, fireworks, shrines, and wedding halls. Though some photo-shoot opportunities had to be postponed due to a typhoon, both competitors and attendees still took full advantage of the remaining on-site shooting opportunities.

Of course, fans of cosplay don’t always need fancy backgrounds to photograph their favorite cosplayers, as evidenced by the many fan photos.

The World Cosplay Summit is truly a great chance to see some of the best of the best of cosplay. If you’re interested in seeing more, check out the hashtags #wcs2018 and #コスサミ2018 on Instagram and Twitter for some more amazing cosplays. You can also check out our collections from 2017, 2016, and even 2013.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Kinisoku
Top Image: YouTube/PRYME CINEMON