World Cosplay Summit

Japanese man tells friend to wear suit to wedding party, so he comes as Mobile Suit Gundam

Finds time to fight Evangelion while celebrating friend’s marriage.

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Japanese governor and mayor’s cosplay at World Cosplay Summit so good it causes broadcast mishap

When meeting with important guests, it’s important to embrace their culture.

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The results are in! Team Mexico wins the 2018 World Cosplay Summit【Photos & Videos】

All of the teams were awesome, but Team Mexico’s fantastic costumes and amazing choreography won them the championship!

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When you’ve got a meeting with cosplayers from around the world on your schedule, a suit and tie just won’t due.

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Japanese pro cosplayer causes pandemonium at World Cosplay Summit

This is what happens when one of the country’s most adulated cosplayers makes an appearance at a cosplay convention.

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Cosplayers celebrate World Cosplay Summit by starring in sunscreen ads for Shiseido

It’s not every day you get to see cosplayers fronting an ad campaign for one of the annual convention’s main sponsors.

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Championship day at the 11th World Cosplay Summit 【Photos】

About one week ago, we at RocketNews24 gave you an inside look at how things happen behind the scenes at the annual World Cosplay Summit (WCS). Now, it’s time for a follow-up!

On Saturday, July 3, in Nagoya, Japan, the WCS held its highly anticipated championship finals, wherein 20 teams of cosplayers from countries around the world competed for prizes and the prestige of being named World Cosplay Champions. This year, for the first time, the championships were streamed live on Niconico Douga, Japan’s YouTube, for the whole globe to see. But, just in  case you missed it, here’s a photo album introducing all of the teams and announcing to you the winners of this years WCS.

Warning: The cosplay featured in these photos will take your breath away.

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Cosplayers let loose behind the scenes before the World Cosplay Summit championships

Every year the city of Nagoya plays host to the World Cosplay Summit (WCS), a large-scale competition between cosplay representatives from around the world. Teams of two from 20 different countries are all brought to Japan to take part in this life-changing opportunity. The championship finals will be held on the outdoor stage of Oasis21 on Saturday, August 3, starting at 7 p.m. Japan time. Tickets are available, though they are not required to watch the event. In fact, you don’t even have to be in Japan to watch this year’s world-class cosplay performances. It’s been announced that for the first time Niconico Douga will be stream the entire event on the World Cosplay Summit’s official channel.

But you know, not everything to do with the WCS involves competition. Cosplay itself is about bringing together people of similar interests and building a sense of community between those who like to dress up as Japanese characters. These cosplay teams must prepare not only as performers but as representatives of cosplay culture in each of their respective countries. Before the finals even take place, teams must take part in a week’s worth of parades, photo shoots, and official meetings. it’s a good thing there are some opportunities to relax worked into the schedule as well.

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