We can all learn from the extraordinary discipline exhibited by these otaku.

Comiket, the world’s largest anime convention, welcomes more than 500,000 attendees every year who’re eager to get their hands on rare manga, unique collector’s items or show off sizzling hot cosplays.

It’s not easy to manage such a huge crowd in a limited space, and if left to the attendees’ own devices, the entire convention would no doubt end up in utter chaos. Luckily, otaku in Japan are a disciplined bunch.

▼ Japanese Twitter user @Netiel shows us a time-lapse video
of attendees queuing to get into Tokyo Big Sight.

Throngs of people are ushered in orderly batches and lined up in neat rows like clockwork, an astounding feat considering that this year’s Comiket was also one of the hottest in recent years.

Temperatures soared close to 40 degrees Celcius (104 Fahrenheit) during the event’s three days, and it’s amazing how attendees could be so well-behaved even in the unbearable heat.

▼ This astonishing orderliness can be clearly observed in the 2011 Winter Comiket too.

It’s difficult to see what’s happening when you’re just one among many people on the ground, and Japanese netizens are quite impressed by the video’s perspective:

“That’s human Tetris!”
“Reminds me of that game, The Last Guy. Anyone agree with me?”
“Japanese people are quite awesome, eh?”
“Every Japanese citizen should participate in Comiket to train for emergency evacuation drills.”
“They look just like ants.”

Are anime conventions this neat and orderly in your neck of the woods? It’s incredible how Comiket attendees can keep calm and move as one with a single purpose of getting into otaku heaven, almost making us forget they were scrambling over one another in the Opening Dash before that.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Netiel
Top image: Pakutaso