Tradition begun by actor Ken Watanabe continues.

Japanese eyeglass maker Hazuki has a lot to brag about regarding its Loupe line of glasses. Featuring lightweight frames and lenses with both blue light-blocking and optical magnifying effects, the company says they’re a great choice for hard-working salarymen, like the one portrayed by actor Kotaro Koizumi in the newest Hazuki Loupe commercial.

The ad shows Koizumi, worn out after a long day at the office, stopping by a high-end hostess bar, the kimono-clad manager of which is played by actress Emi Takei. Luckily for Koizumi, this hostess bar also sells Hazuki Loupe eyewear, and Takei, Koizumi, and the hostess drinking with him all try on a pair.

Koizumi is immediately impressed, as is an older gentleman in the club who’s wearing a pair of Hazuki Loupe sunglasses. But Takei isn’t finished trumpeting the glasses’ quality yet, and she recruits her staff of eager hostesses to show off one more selling point: their ability to withstand the impact of bouncing hostess butts, as shown here:

Actually, this isn’t the first time Hazuki Loupe has used a young woman’s backside for durability testing. In a previous ad from last spring, actor Ken Watanabe appears onstage giving a TED Talk-style presentation on Hazuki Loupe, surreptitiously slipping his pair underneath co-presenter Rei Kikukawa’s hindquarters right before she sits down.

“This durability, that’s what you expect from ‘Made in Japan!’” say both Takei and Watanabe, although really, maybe the videos are more what we expect from “Marketed in Japan!”

Source, images: YouTube/公式チャンネルハズキルーペ
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