Tokyo-based company creates glasses that aim to be flatteringly fashionable and comfortable for full-figured wearers.

In recent years, there’s been an uptick in plus-sized fashion in Japan. The country now has a monthly magazine dedicated to apparel for larger women, called La Farfa, and we’ve even see lingerie makers seeking to satisfy the traditionally underserved demographic.

With eyewear also being an important part of one’s fashion ensemble, Tokyo-based eyeglass company Jins is now contributing to the trend too. As part of a partnership with La Farfa, Jins has recently released a line of four eyeglass designs, which it collectively calls “Big Shape,” specifically created for plus-sized women.

The glasses were developed using extensive feedback from La Farfa’s fashion models, who also appear in their official ads. According to Jins, while plus-sized clothing and accessory options have been increasing in Japan, the same couldn’t be said for glasses. Common complaints were that existing eyeglasses were either uncomfortably tight, pressing against the wearer’s cheeks, or, if simply purchased in larger sizes, too loose to stay in place.

In response, the new line’s frame and nose pads are angled to keep the lenses where they should be without feeling tight or constricting. Jins also selected materials with a lustrous effect to catch and reflect light, giving the glasses an airy, non-clunky feel.

The initial lineup consists of two different non-sunglass frames, one designated “cool” and the other “girly.”

▼ Cool, available in pink, navy, light demi, and brown demi

▼ Girlish, available in bordeaux, brown demi, black, and antique gold

There are also cool and girly sunglass frames, that can be fitted with prescription lenses.

▼ Girly sunglasses…

▼ …offered in pink, dark brown, brown, and gold.

▼ Cool sunglasses…

▼ …offered in pink, light brown, brown demi, and black.

The standard eyeglasses are priced at 8,000 yen (US$71), while the sunglasses are 5,000 yen (Japanese eyeglass prices typically include the cost of prescription lenses, though additional fees may apply for polarization, lightweight lenses, or other options). All four models went on sale July 12, and are available at Jins retail locations or here through the brand’s online shop.

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