A game to remind us about the true spirit of the holiday: bloody revenge.

In the mounting case for video games as art, I’d like to submit a browser game quickly put together by Shitappa (@Sitacom) which refers to an incident that occurred over Halloween festivities in Shibuya on the evening of 27 October.

For those unfamiliar, at around 1 a.m. a group of rowdy revelers thought it would be a good idea to flip over a lightweight flatbed truck.


It sparked harsh criticism over the attitudes of those who attended the party and fears that the very fabric of Japanese society was crumbling before our eyes. But amid all this, very few paid any attention to the victim. That’s where Shibuya Behavior comes in.

In Shibuya Behavior, players take the role of that toppled pickup in what the video advertisements refer to as a ‘roaring rampage of revenge.’

Gameplay is simple. Just drive the truck around the screen with your finger (on a smartphone) or mouse (on a computer) and hit as many of the untamed youth as you can.

▼ It’s a little known fact that people with anti-social behavior explode when bumped into

However, since this time you’re taking the law into your own hands, steer clear of the police. Touching them will make your truck flip over and relive that shameful night.

▼ Oh no! Not again…

It’s a simple but deceptively addictive game, and an excellent way for those who are especially upset over last week’s incidents to blow off some steam. It’s also fairly impressive how fast Shitappa slapped it together in only a few days after the incident took place.

Netizens agree that Shubya Behavior is a really fun game with a clever premise.

“That’s mean. Hahaha!”
“I don’t usually like time-wasting browser games, but this…”
“The should be a version where you can be a police car too.”
“I can’t stop playing it.”
“You know you can just make the car fly and it’s invincible…”

Indeed, in their haste Shitappa for got to limit the car to the street, so all you need to do is drive up into the air. From there you can just cherry-pick ruffians when the coast is clear of police.

Still, Shibuya Behavior is vehicular assault fun for the whole family and can be played via smartphone or PC browsers for free.

If the response is good enough, maybe Shitappa will make another game where you play as a sentient ramen restaurant ticket machine that floats around Shibuya shooting slips of paper at vandals until they apologize.

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Source: Twitter/@Sitacom, Hamusoku
Images: Shibuya Behavior (screenshots taken by SoraNews24)