Exclusive Starbucks merchandise you can’t buy in stores.

While most people in Japan get to enjoy some time off on New Year’s Day, it’s just another day in the office for many of our Japanese-language reporters. But the good news is it’s one of the best working days of the year because it’s basically a massive haul day, where everyone goes out hunting for New Year’s lucky grab bags called fukubukuro, bringing arms full of the goodies back to the office for everyone to enjoy.

One of this year’s most sought-after bags was the Starbucks fukubukuro, which like last year, is only available to purchase by lottery winners, who have to apply for the bags by the first week of December.

The system helps to protect against resellers, but it means that many Starbucks fans sadly miss out if their applications are unsuccessful. Nine of our Japanese-language reporters applied for the bags last year, but only one was successful, making this one of the hottest hauls of the New Year!

“January 1 is the day when fukubukuro lottery winners exchange their tickets for a lucky bag. Not available for regular sale.”

The 6,000 yen (US$54.75) bag we secured contained:

・Original tote bag
・House Blend (250 grams [8.8 ounces])
・Pike Place Roast (250 grams)
・Via Tea Essence Chai
・Plastic Tumbler
・Sandwich Box
・Zip lock bags x 6
・Discount drink tickets x 4

These items might appear to have no obvious theme tying them all together, but according to the official site, the contents of the bag are designed for “Going Out With Starbucks”, which means they’re perfect for picnics and other outdoor activities.

▼ Each drink ticket is good to use for one drink up to the price of 610 yen, which is already close to half the cost of the bag itself.

And given their long expiry date, we’ll be able to use them while enjoying picnics under the plum trees in February and hanami parties in March and April.

▼ The lap blanket is perfect for staying warm at picnics as well.

▼ But it’s also ideal for using year-round in the office.

The plastic tumbler looks just like the takeout cups you get from Starbucks, only this one is reusable, and comes with a reusable plastic straw as well.

▼ And to fill the cup, there are two ground coffee blends and some chai tea sticks.

Another cute addition to the set is this sandwich box, which comes with the mermaid logo and a green-and-white colour scheme.

▼ Completing the set is this adorable collection of reusable ziplock bags, which come in small and large sizes.

We loved everything about this fukubukuro, which combines good looks with practicality, making it a lucky bag that we’ll get good use out of throughout the coming year.

To see how it stacks up against previous years’ offerings, you might want to check out the Starbucks fukubukuro from 2017 and 2018. We’re already looking forward to entering the lottery for the lucky bag again at the end of the year!

Photos ©SoraNews24