You never know what you’re going to get in a Starbucks fukubukuro.

To celebrate the New Year, companies around Japan sell fukubukuro lucky bags, and one of the most sought after is the one from Starbucks, which can only be purchased by lottery winners, making it extremely hard to get.

This year, out of our 19 team members who applied to purchase the bag, only three were successful, which gives you an idea of how slim the chances are of winning. As each bag contains an assortment of items that can differ from customer to customer, we were curious to find out what they contained, so all three of our lucky bag recipients happily shared their haul.

After seeing what our reporter K. Masami received in her Starbucks fukubukuro, it was time to delve into bag number two, which belonged to Egawa Tasuku.

As expected, there were a few items that were identical across bags, starting with the soft white tote bag with its deliciously minty green interior.

▼ The bag comes with a side pocket for carrying a tumbler or other type of drink bottle.

▼ Another common item was the Multi Case, which was big enough to fit an 11-inch iPad.

The other common items were the bag of Pike Place Roast ground coffee beans and the seven drink tickets, which are each redeemable for any drink of any size, up to a value of 671 yen for dine-in, or 658 yen for takeout.

Where the bag differs is in the goods, as Egawa’s Stainless Steel Bottle was marked “B”, compared to Masami’s “A”.

Though the design on the bottle looked the same, the difference was in the structure of the lids, with Egawa’s being a screw-top type with a tighter seal.

▼ The body of the bottle, however, was the same.

While Masami received a Christmas-themed Stainless To Go Cup Tumbler as her second drinkware item, Egawa received a blue heat-resistant glass mug.

And whereas Masami received a couple of cafe plates, Egawa scored himself a picnic mat.

Measuring a metre (3.3 feet) across in length and width, the mat was a reasonable size, comfortable enough for one person to sit on. If you’re like Egawa and too self-conscious to sit on a Starbucks mat during a picnic for one outdoors, though, it can be used  as a lap blanket, rug or small tablecloth indoors.

So in the end, this was another great Starbucks haul, and Egawa was happy with everything he received for the grand price of 8,000 yen (US$55.87). Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what our final Starbucks lucky bag contains!

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