Looks like he’s still got it.

There is no question that X Japan’s Yoshiki is among the media elite in Japan. He’s been in the presence of both rock royalty and actual royalty and is well-received around the world for both his musicianship and philanthropic efforts.

But even given all this, he still must have been a little apprehensive when approached to make another book of photography, titled XY, with him as the sole subject.

His previous photo book Nude, which contained several photos and interviews, sold very well when it was released in 1992.  However, now he’s twice as old as he was when he made Nude, and although he’s still in remarkably good shape, it’d only be natural to feel self-conscious for such a project.

▼ At least I think it would be…

That’s probably one of the reasons why when XY debuted at number one on the Oricon photography book sales charts, he issued a hearty thanks to all his fans on Twitter.

Of course, the other reason he thanked everyone is that he’s just a genuinely nice guy. It’s that heart of gold that has undoubtedly kept his legion of fans loyal and more than happy to hand over the premium price of 11,000 yen (US$105) for this latest book.

These fans also sent their regards back to the legendary drumming pianist.

“This time we are alive in is really wonderful because Yoshiki is here.”
“It’s our pleasure. It’s a beautiful work of art that I will cherish forever.”
“Thank you for the book! Each of your books are carefully crafted and shows Yot-chan’s passion for art.”
“Everything was so nice and I was so moved that I couldn’t stop trembling. It’s cool, beautiful, clean, fierce, and more.”
“Thank you very much! It is truly a breathtaking work of art! Please stay safe during the cold weather.”
“I need your wonderful gift for me as Christmas gift in Europe Wrapped present. It will be very big joy surprise after hospital for me. Forever love from Hungary.”
“We thank you more.”

In the spirit of balanced reporting, we should also note that the book got a one star rating on Amazon with the following review:

“Release an album.”

Hmm, tough but fair. And once again showing what a sensitive soul Yoshiki is, he actually took the time to acknowledge these complaints on YouTube.

I read some comments about #XY. Thank you so much for your support. Regarding the X Japan album, I’m so sorry. A lot of things have happened, but regardless, as a leader of the band, I don’t think I handled it well. Please forgive me. It pains my heart every time I hear this kind of message of which I feel like I’m disappointing you. I’m sorry.”

Hopefully that’ll get those disgruntled types off his back. Meanwhile, until a new album does come, fans ought to be pleased with getting not only the book, but also a DVD featuring interviews with Yoshiki and the making of the book in Los Angeles with American photographer Melanie Pullen.

In all honesty, the success of the book probably wasn’t a huge shock to everyone involved, a second print run of XY was needed while it was still in pre-orders because the demand was so big. However, seeing the numbers actually play out so well was probably a sweet relief too.

▼ Yoshiki relieved

And it all it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy as far as we’re concerned, so congratulations Yoshiki! We look forward to seeing your next photo book in 2048!

Source: PR Times, Netlab
Top image: PR Times
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