Yoshiki continues to lend a helping hand to the community.

Besides being the leader of the legendary Japanese rock band X Japan, an accomplished pianist, and a talented songwriter and composer, Yoshiki continues to draw the public eye with his humanitarian efforts.

Japan recently got slammed by Typhoon Hagibis, a monster storm that devastated with flooding and landslides. When Yoshiki heard about the damage done to his home country, he donated a whopping 10 million yen through his foundation (Yoshiki Foundation America) to the Japanese Red Cross.

This isn’t the first time he’s donated by any means; he donated the same amount to help his hometown recover from Typhoon Faxai in September, and 10 more million was donated to Kyoto Animation in August.

While speaking publicly about humanitarian efforts is a given in other countries, it’s still something kept on the down-low in Japan. Yoshiki is trying to set an example with his actions and called for others to do the same in a Tweet (translation below):

“People in our position should be more open about their donations. It raises awareness about disasters and broadens the reach of aid. I’ve been living in America for many years now, and this is a common thing in Hollywood. Let’s further the reach of aid!”

Yoshiki also went one step further by volunteering on-site in one of the disasters when he visited his home nation for a concert and his Yoshikimino fashion show. Despite his packed schedule, he made an effort to help out directly, and his fans love him for it.

Netizens responded with appreciation and fervor, praising the rock star for his valiant efforts.

“I can understand where he’s coming from, and he’s putting it into action.”
“I don’t get people who say he’s just doing this for more attention and money. If doing good things gets you more attention, then I think that’s a good thing. People with money should ‘get more attention’ like this without hesitating.”
“Thank you always.”

While we pray no more large disasters displace those living in Japan, we can continue to hope (and with good reason) that Yoshiki will be there to help them get back on their feet.

Sources: Yahoo! News via My Game News Flash, Twitter/@YoshikiOfficial
Images: PR Times
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