Japan’s diversity of culture and landscape is encapsulated in just three minutes.

Videos showcasing Japan can be anywhere on the quality scale, as shown by the differences between this 360° VR tour of popular tourist spots and this weirdly unimpressive promotion video for Saga prefecture. Today, though, we’ve found a new video that’s definitely on the impressive side.

Digital director and photographer Oliver Astrologo has created a video titled Neons & Sakuras which juxtaposes the high-tech imagery of Tokyo with other, greener areas of Japan such as Wakayama, Kyoto, and Mount Fuji.

▼ How many places do you recognize in the video?

In the video, you can see both close-ups and bird’s-eye views of the bustling metropolis of Tokyo by day and by night, delivering on the promise of “neon” in the video’s title.

▼ Here’s the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

The Tokyo side of the video does a great job of depicting the rushing crowds and packed trains of daily life while also highlighting the city’s many cultural attractions and colorful nightlife.

▼ Did you spot Odaiba’s giant Gundam statue?

Sandwiched between these stimulating scenes are more serene images of Japan outside of Tokyo. Aerial shots show the green and mountainous terrain that covers a large part of the country, and shrines both well-known and perhaps not so well-known are introduced.

▼ In this picturesque shot, you can see the pagoda of the Nachi Taisha shrine, located in the southeast part of Wakayama Prefecture.

▼ And, as many would argue, a trip to Japan is not complete without at least one good view of Mount Fuji.

In the video description, Astrologo explains he created this video to show people that there’s value in exploring “beyond the standard Japanese itinerary” and come to appreciate every area of the island nation. We couldn’t agree more.

Source: Vimeo/Oliver Astrologo via Design Taxi,
Images: Vimeo/Oliver Astrologo
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