Mount fuji

Mount Fuji plans to start charging compulsory fee to climbers

Soon you’ll have to pay to climb Japan’s highest mountain. 

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This beautiful video displays two very different sides of Japan【Video】

Japan’s diversity of culture and landscape is encapsulated in just three minutes.

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Japanese pilot flies close to Mt Fuji, asks passengers to look out the window

Mt Fuji never looked more beautiful.

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Mount Fuji has become so congested with tourists that it has reached breaking point

Authorities are not sure how they can reduce climbers to less than 4,000 a day.

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New train recreates hotel atmosphere with wood interiors and views from the foot of Mount Fuji

It’s a much better way to enjoy Mount Fuji than from a speeding bullet train.

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Diamond Fuji: One of the most beautiful views of Japan’s iconic mountain

Every year at the end of December, something magical happens to Japan’s tallest mountain. As the sun descends in the sky bringing a close to another day, it meets with the summit of Mount Fuji for a few brief moments, making it appear as if the peak is topped with a glistening diamond. Thousands of people flock to vantage points around the area for a chance to see this special phenomenon, dubbed “Diamond Fuji.”

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Japan just held a first-of-its-kind live fire exercise on Mount Fuji【Photos】

In the shadow of rising tensions in the East China Sea, Japan is holding live fire exercise in the foothills of Mount Fuji until Sunday. Japan has held annual military exercises aimed at protecting its northern territories along its maritime frontier with Russia, although present realities have led to Japan shifting its priorities to island defense.

The exercises, called Fire Power, are aimed at defending outlying Japanese islands from a hypothetical invasion. Fire Power is a first-of-its-kind exercise and follows new national defense guidelines.

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Who owns Mt. Fuji? The answer will probably surprise (and confuse) you!

Japan is known across the world mostly for its varied and fascinating culture–from literature to music to amusing illustrations, there’s plenty to love about the country. But when it comes to physical symbols, there’s one thing that towers, literally, above all else: Mount Fuji.

Though the mountain was only recently added to the World Heritage List, it has been a symbol of Japan for centuries, a social and cultural landmark. So if you were asked who owned the mountain, you’d probably assume it was a national park or some other piece of government land.

But you’d be wrong!

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Japan’s stunning light displays replace blossoms with light bulbs for winter beauty

In Western countries, when the time comes to decorate the streets with strings of sparkling lights, it’s a sure sign that Christmas is drawing near. But for countries like Japan, where Christianity has far less presence, though the desire to adopt Western practices is pervasive, what many of us think of as “Christmas lights” or simply “holiday lights” are embraced as annual “winter illuminations.” Every year, parks and town districts across Japan light up the night with large-scale displays, bringing a new sense of beauty to the barren, winter landscape. The greatest of these is undoubtedly Nabana no Sato, located in Mie Prefecture.

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Quench your thirst with these One Piece water coolers

Fans of anime and manga are most certainly acquainted with the ever-popular adventure series, One Piece. Now, the brand that brings us all of our favorite pirate-themed products is teaming up with the water label, FRECIOUS, to deliver some totally cool One Piece water dispensers.

Don’t worry, though the story of One Piece takes place on the ocean, these water coolers deliver only the freshest grade-A water from the forests of Mount Fuji. Read More

Fresh Mount Fuji spring water without all the climbing!

Mount Fuji.

In many ways, this snow-covered peak is the symbol of Japan, its image emblazoned on everything from classic woodblock prints to coffee mugs. And with Mount Fuji’s designation as a World Heritage site this year, you can bet its cultural significance will only skyrocket.

One thing the mountain is especially well-known for in Japan is the fresh water that is produced by its snow-covered peak. But who has time to climb a mountain just for some water? Not us! And apparently many other people don’t either, so here’s a list of places you can get Mount Fuji water—without all the hiking!

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