The outfit comes with a sweet cap, a petticoat and a tiny hanger for storage.

From cookware to number plates, pretty much anything and everything in Japan has the potential for a splash of added kawaii cuteness. One of the most popular everyday items that’s frequently wrapped up in cute is the humble PET bottle, which we’ve seen in director’s outfits and even weird and whacky underpants. Those types of additions do leave a large part of the bottle’s body exposed, though, so now there’s a new way to totally conceal more of your drink in sweetness: with a sailor suit school uniform.

▼ The outfit even comes with a tiny hanger for storage.

From behind, it’s difficult to see any part of the bottle at all, with a cute beret included in the set to cover the lid of the bottle.

Underneath the skirt, a petticoat with layers of frills works to give even the slimmest of bottles a beautiful anime-style A-line silhouette.

▼ Who needs a doll when you can get your PET bottle to cosplay?

The sailor suit even has a set of concealed clasps, which allows it to “hold hands” with other cosplaying PET bottles.

While the outfit looks pretty, it’s also functional too, with a special lining to help keep your drink hot or cold.

The sailor suit uniform has lots of cute details, including a faux school emblem on the left-hand breast.

And to really catch the eyes of passers-by, the clasps can be used to attach the dressed-up drink to your bag, so it can join you wherever you go!

Retailing for 4,212 yen (US$37.92), the Sailor Suit PET bottle outfits can be purchased from Village Vanguard online stores, with deliveries scheduled for the end of May.

Source, images: PR Times