Now you can wear the shortest of skirts without people catching sight of your underwear.

When it comes to cosplay attire, Japan is absolutely brimming with creative ideas, filling all sorts of niche styles and requirements you didn’t even know you needed in order to help bring fantasies to life with the simplest of ease.

Recently, Japanese fashion label No. S Project has been heating up the cosplay world with a range of skirts and dresses that promise to give wearers the waist and legs of an anime heroine. Now, the company is using the same billowy design in a much shorter garment, this time to protect underwear and thighs from prying eyes.

The Frilled Mini Petticoat has been cleverly designed to cover your underwear while also providing a pretty, feminine layer to your clothing. The billowy design helps to create the attractive A-line skirt shape seen on anime heroines, with a rounded shape around the backside of the garment.

Thanks to the elasticised trim around the thighs, the company says there’s absolutely no way for anyone to see your underwear. Even from an angle like the one below, the frills of the petticoat make it look like there’s nothing up there, instead creating a shadow that gives it the appearance of a blacked-out censored region.

While they might look similar to a pair of bloomers, these are being called “petticoat pants” as they have been designed in the style of a petticoat, with a focus on frills to conceal the nether regions while propping up short skirts at the same time.

▼ No matter how high you choose to take your hemline, these petticoat pants will protect your parts from prying eyes.

The Frilled Mini Petticoat can currently be pre-ordered from Japanese fashion and novelty retailer Village Vanguard for 7,020 yen (US$63), with deliveries scheduled for mid-May.

Source, images: PR Times