As the temperature rises, so do the hemlines, but that doesn’t mean everyone gets to take a peak at your underwear.

Japanese fashion label No. S Project has been grabbing the attention of cosplayers with a range of skirts and dresses that give wearers the waist and legs of an anime heroine. Last month, the company made news for using the same billowy design to create a much shorter garment, which promised to protect underwear and thighs from prying eyes.

The black Frilled Mini Petticoat, designed to be worn under short miniskirts, brought out the same thigh-high A-line silhouette seen on anime heroines while also blending into the dark shadows beneath the garment, making the area underneath the skirt look neat and well-concealed.

Now, cosplayers and short-skirt wearers who prefer a more eye-catching look will be pleased to know that a new colour has been added to the range.

The new white Ruffled Mini Petticoat features the same design as its black predecessor, with elasticised trims around the thighs which, according to the makers, makes it impossible for anyone to see your underwear.

▼ The ruffled trim gives skirts plenty of bounce and flare while concealing your private parts from prying eyes.

▼ Even from an angle like the one below, it’s impossible to see past the petticoat.

While the black petticoat was designed to blend into the shadows beneath dark skirts, the white version works well with lighter coloured skirts. For those who prefer a look with more contrast, the white frills catch the eye in a subtle manner when worn underneath dark-coloured skirts, while still keeping everything politely censored down below.

The new white Ruffled Mini Petticoat went on sale for 7,020 yen (US$63) at Village Vanguard stores in Japan earlier  this month, but it’s been so popular that it’s already sold out online. They’re currently waiting for more stock to arrive, but given the immense popularity of these unique petticoats, they’re likely to sell fast once they’re on sale again, so if you’re interested be sure to register your email address to receive a notification as soon as they become available.

Source, images: PR Times