A Twitter user made a great video, turning an FPS game into a Dragon Ball battleground. But that darned choice of music…!

Battle royale video games (games where the player is dropped on a map to scavenge out items, weapons and ammo and beat other players until they remain alone) are hugely popular as of late. You can even even play them offline, now!

But people are never satisfied with simply playing these games as is. Whether adding modifications through downloadable patches or just editing footage to comedic effect, people love to shake up their games. Twitter user @neko_kk2 came up with a great idea for a new take on the first person shooter Apex Legends: add in a dash of Dragon Ball Z flair!

“If all FPS games (first person shooters) had sound effects like Dragonball, it’d rule.”


The video features dramatic zooms in and out with anime-style pacing, including close-ups when two characters are brawling one-on-one, and satisfying whoosh noises whenever the player character glides across the screen. The whole affair is scored with Dragon Ball composer Shunsuke Kikuchi’s track “M8-11,” a dramatic instrumental piece which shows up in multiple crucial battles (including Super Saiyan Goku vs. Frieza).

Many commenters commended @neko_kk2’s great editing work, and people were especially fond of the bonus clip towards the end of the video where things take a turn for the bizarre (or the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, as the case may be). “Make a Gundam version!” these commenters clamored, with one adding “I love how many Broly SFX you used!

Unfortunately, the majority of the comments zeroed in on something else.

“When I hear that BGM I just think of a lawyer.”
“A lawyer’s face is floating up in my mind…”
“I can’t stop laughing at the BGM.”
“Is this really Dragon Ball? All it makes me think of is lawyers.”

You might be scratching your head at this. Why would it make you think of lawyers? And the background music is intense and meaty, perfect for a climactic battle, right? Could these commenters be hinting that they will report @neko_kk2 for unfair use of the Dragon Ball Z soundtrack?

Actually, they’re referring to a Japanese meme from the online message board 2chan.The lawyer in question is Takahiro Karasawa, who was hired by an oft-mocked troll on the boards and attempted to get all slander of his client taken down.

He became something of an Internet-wide joke and is immortalized in a series of videos called “How an Ordinary Man  Goes to the Bathroom” and they have some very familiar backing music…

▼ These videos can be summarized as “Mr. Karasawa asks to go to the bathroom, is denied, and defecates in his own trousers while yelling.”

What hard luck for an aspiring viral content creator! Still, @neko_kk2 directly responded to an early comment (“The video’s really funny, but what I’m really losing it at is the BGM”) with “Sorry!” and a cheeky emoticon. In other comments he replied using the same verbal tic that Mr. Karasawa uses in the video, so perhaps the choice of music was intentional.

Perhaps, if @neko_kk2 wants to really emphasize the awesome sound effects in his next video, he’ll have to use some recognizable iconography to really drive the point home and override all other meme references. Importing some character models might do the trick.

Source: Twitter/@neko_kk2 via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@neko_kk2